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The Military

Submission + - French and British Submarines Collide (

Dekortage writes: Earlier this month, the HMS Vangaurd and the Le Triomphant submarines collided in the Atlantic while each was on practice maneuvers. The subs sustained serious damage. The French had initially reported that their sub had struck a container of some kind. Both subs were carrying nuclear warheads, and not surprisingly, groups that support nuclear disarmament have called the event "a nuclear nightmare of the highest order."

Comment Playing devil's advocate here... (Score 4, Insightful) 610

So Apple is doing this to protect its income for apps on the iPhone store. That also means it is protecting the income of application *developers* who sell through the iPhone store. Sure, they could try to sell apps only for jailbroken phones, but with all the gray areas around it legally (at least in the public's eye) and with the immense ease of use of the iPhone store (click and download right now!), they would much rather go Apple's route. Right? So Apple could be covering its ass, making sure they don't get attacked from iPhone developers who have trekked through the process to make "legit" apps but could be someday losing out to jailbroken competitors.

Or else it's just about the money.


Submission + - Microsoft to Sell PCs in Retail Outlets (

Dekortage writes: Microsoft plans to open a line of retail stores to sell PCs, mobile phones, Xbox consoles, and other Microsoft-related products. They've hired David Porter, formerly a Wal-Mart executive and most recently at DreamWorks Animation, to lead the initiative. "There are tremendous opportunities ahead for Microsoft to create a world-class shopping experience for our customers," Porter said in a press release. "I am excited about helping consumers make more informed decisions about their PC and software purchases."

Submission + - Spanish Soap Operas Top YouTube Piracy List (

Dekortage writes: "It's no secret that people upload pirated video to YouTube. However, the number one pirated network might surprise you: it's Spanish-language Univision. For example, YouTube has nearly 30,000 pirated clips of the current hot novela Cuidado con el Angel. Fox and ABC are second and third on the list, although their numbers are half of Univision's. In contrast with networks like NBC, the analysts at noted that they had "never seen a copyright takedown on any of Univision's shows on YouTube.""

Comment Re:How to Falsify Evolution (Score 2, Insightful) 951

That's what we need, a generation of young people who know how to make a sensible-sounding fallacious argument.

Stepping back from the article for a moment... it's not just evil fundamentalists who have honed that skill. Think politicians, marketers, ad execs, the RIAA, and plenty of others. Much of society is based on saying things that sound truthy but aren't quite true.

Comment Re:Not that cold (Score 1) 290

People from Canada/USA/Scandinavia/Eastern Europe just laugh. They laughed at all the English people making a big deal out of "not much" snow, too.

I lived in the American South for several years. The small town I lived in had no snow for two winters in a row, so they sold the town's snow truck. The next winter, we got a whole inch of snow, and the town almost totally shut down for a couple of days because there was no truck to plow the snow aside.

Compare that to when I lived in Buffalo, NY, where we sometimes got five inches of snow per hour -- for six hours or more.

Comment So... make sure one of your apps is a VM? (Score 1) 842

If this news is true, then folks will find ways around it. Running a VM could be one. Or they will turn more to web apps -- hello, tabbed browsing!

Maybe this is actually an attempt to limit malware. If your computer is running multiple malicious background apps, suddenly you won't be able to run anything else, and users will become more careful about sites they visit, etc.??? Nah, that'll never work...

Comment Another music service bites the dust (Score 3, Insightful) 125


music that has not passed its âoerenew dateâ still works... music that has expired will no longer work because the DRM licensing server has apparently shut down.

Quick, listen to your music before it expires!

Also, the article suggests that Total Music (which recently acquired Ruckus, and was a joint venture between Sony and UM) still has some life in it, but this article (on the same site!) says otherwise and quotes the blog of a VP there. I guess these record labels are having a hard time with this stuff...

Comment Re:Not that cold (Score 2, Insightful) 290

Of course our cold temps pale in comparison to Canada, and the northern New England states Maine, New Hampshire, etc.

Where I live in upstate New York, we've hit -15 F (-26 C) several days this year. Further upstate from me has gotten to -25 F (-32 C) below. Friends in Maine tell me they've seen -35 F (-37 C) this winter. These weren't just for a day, but for several, even more than a week at times, before returning to ever-so-slightly warmer temperatures.

Even if things were cold back in 1709, methinks they doth protest too much.

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