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Comment Re:"Sex crimes" (Score 1) 1020

Suppose you invite me into your house. After a cup of coffee and a nice conversation, I start doing things which you do not approve, e.g. making prank calls from your land line. You demand me to stop and leave but I refuse and I keep going until I am completely satisfied.

I didn't force you to invite me into your house in any way. You did invite me under the impression that we would have a nice time, but then the reason for the visit changed, could cause you trouble and you felt uncomfortable, so you were within your rights as a citizen in asking me to leave. Me not complying constitutes assault and trespassing.

Comment Re:"Sex crimes" (Score 2, Insightful) 1020

He is accused of proceeding with intercourse when the partner explicitly has asked him to stop. That alone is a crime, aggravated by the fact that the partner has made such request after the condom broke. Since when such act is not a crime? It constituting a crime has nothing to do with Mr. Assange. It is a crime in the whole lot of the civilized World, including Sweden. Period.

Now, he is accused of given crime. That is also a fact. What is not a fact is that the crime took place at all and that he was the culprit if it even happened. These questions only Justice will answer -- and I hope for an unbiased trial here, it should be made clear if one is innocent of serious accusations.

Other than that, I was just pointing out the stupidity of the parent on writing such idiotic comment, not demoting Mr. Assange in any way or implying that he is guilt. Please, read the post twice before replying and preferably give it some thought, even if it is just a few seconds.

Comment Re:"Sex crimes" (Score 1) 1020

You are not the police and masturbating often and having unusual penis dimensions is not a crime. He was accused of a crime. There was an allegedly victim. As said, he does not get to dictate how or when his questioning should proceed.

Seriously people, just because he is your new superhero doesn't mean you have to get dumb when it suits you.

Comment Re:We dont need to know everything (Score 1) 1018

Transparency doesn't benefit only the citizens but also the enemies which would eagerly absorb and put the acquired information to use in benefit of their own interests, which are obviously against the interests of the government who had it's info out in the open.

In an idealized World where there are no quarrels between nations, no economical and no political interests, it certainly would be recommended to have full transparency -- let everyone see what's going on, be them citizens, foreigners, alien governments. In the world we actually live in, such practice is dangerous and doesn't work.

Being one step ahead of your enemy matters and can mean the difference between peace and war, fortune and poverty.

Comment Re:were the leaks planted? (Score 3, Interesting) 1018

So, they idea is: if a leak makes the US government look bad then it must be the real deal, but if it may serve the US government in some way then we have to suspect that it has been planted?

Nice judgement you have there.

This reminds me of what is going on with the leaks which state that the Government of Israel had notified both the Egyptian Government and the Palestinian Fatah before attacking the Gaza Strip during operation Cast Lead in 2008, mainly against Hammas (and thus making the Fatah look bad to the Palestinians). The international press is giving much more voice to those denying the leak than it gives to leaks which bring discomfort the US government.

Comment Re:Wikileaks seems to be playing the PR angle a lo (Score 1) 1018

I asked myself the same thing. If they are selecting what to release, in what order, and how much noise to make for each release, then it would look like they have a reason to privilege certain leaks, or even hide leaks they went through and decided not to publish (which is far more dangerous).

IMHO it is too much power in the hands of a single organization and that rarely brings anything good in the long run.

Comment Re:Democrats loved the Pentagon Papers (Score 1) 833

Reason gets to pick, for Christ's sake. They should have released documents which reveal crimes, misconduct, torture, etc. They should have not disclosed documents which reveal internal reports and assessments of other governments, internal relations and legitimate negotiations between the US and other nations.

Having privileged information doesn't mean having to disclosed it. Unless one is using it as evidence to uncover, accuse and ultimately trial said crimes, disclosing it is pure sabotage and high treason.

Comment Interesting but meaningless (Score 1) 348

From a geekish point of view the idea is pretty neat. Who wouldn't like a bonsai lamp on his desk?

But using such a technology in public trees to replace street lights? Doesn't sound too good for me. What about the animals which dwell on the trees? Not only birds and squirrels, but also invertebrates, reptiles and other small mammals which have nocturnal life and depended on the absence of light to feed, to hunt, to reproduce, to be hunted, etc. This isn't Middle-Earth, they haven't evolved for an environment where leaves give off luminous glow.

Changing the environment (for worst) is not restricted to dumping tons of CO2 on the atmosphere. People haven't got that yet?

Comment Re:Havent seen it. Let me go Download it... (Score 3, Interesting) 374

The interesting thing about this flick is that it actually has a history -- weak as it may be, I've seen worse in regular movies. The DVD even includes a 30 minutes long non-porn version of the movie in which all the porn scenes have been cut off.

This non-porn version is probably just a reordering of the DVD chapters by excluding the porn chapters, but nonetheless it's pretty interesting, it really captures the spirits of the original series.

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