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Comment Re:The cutting edge is in high frequency trading (Score 2, Informative) 124

So I'm guessing you've never actually done any development?

The 'byte stream' model is not from UNIX, its just the way the hardware is laid out physically.

IPC happens in an entirely different way unless you're using something simplistic like pipes

RDMA is pretty much a stable of high speed cluster computing, however its DMA that allows pretty much everything in your PC to work without slowing the processor down. Even your keyboard controller uses DMA to get the characters into somewhere useful.

As far as what you're calling RDMA via Infiniband, I've seen massive clusters (some of the largest in the world) using it ... safely.

If you think nothing uses the protections provided by the x86 family I'd like to know what shitty OS you're using? Not only does everyone actually use it on the x86, they do it in ... get this ... C! Perhaps you should take a look at a few open source OSes and notice that while there is some assembly in specific places for speed and the required lowest level libraries ... you'll be suprised by the fact that all of that memory management stuff is written in ... C and utilized by .... C programs.

I guess you're also ignore the fact that intel and amd added more protection hardware to the x86 architecture JUST FOR VIRTUALIZATION ... I suppose you think the fact mordern hypervisors won't work without these features present is just a silly little annoyance that the software venders throw in to make us buy new hardware to pad their bank accounts?

I'm not sure what development you do, by my standard C library uses MMX for many functions that require me to do nothing to take advantage of their speedup.

You really have no clue do you?

Comment Re:No! (Score 0) 804

I hardly think anything that hasn't been used in education by most people until the last 10 years can be considered 'unremovable'

I'm pretty sure you could take laptops out of lectures and higher education would go on ... its entirely possible that it would go on just like it did before laptops existed.

You are aware the world was capable of education before laptops were common or even existed ... aren't you?

Comment So you mean its like all the websites (Score 0) 127

that have had the same service for the last 10 years? Or the iPhone apps there were out right after the Apple app store went online that did this.

Did you just get to college or something and not realize these thing exist?

Or ... did you just mount a very effective slashvertising campaign taking advantage of the fact that the editors are completely out of touch with the subject matter they work with?

Could the editors at least do a basic Google search before assuming something is 'new'

Comment Re:Not Darwinian (Score 0) 101

In Facebook terms, this would mean that the funnest game would be the best promoted. What's happening here is decidedly un-Darwin-like.

I think its pretty niave to assume that 'funnest' is the only attribute that matters in order to survive on facebook, I would bet its not even close to being the most important.

My point? You're probably making very wrong assumptions about what is best suited to the environment and the environment itself.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 0, Troll) 381

Shrug, probably shouldn't have violated a military agreement then eh? He was made fully aware of the possible consequences of his actions before he was given access to the information.

He either accepted his fate and expected this and thought he was doing the right thing anyway, or, he didn't expect this in which case he will serve to show others that the military is indeed not joking about its enforcement of the rules regarding classified information. Either way, he violated a few laws and voluntary agreements he made. Now had he released information that was truly Earth shattering or world changing the public might give a shit about his plight. But he didn't release anything we didn't already know and did release things that the public DIDN'T need to know, basically all that came of it was a bunch of arguing and bickering on the Internet about if the US is Chaotic Good or Lawful Evil, or maybe even Chaotic Neutral if your a moderate. Really, no one cared enough to cause any change because of it.

And to be honest, I frankly don't give a fuck if 'psychological torture' is being performed. Yes, he's being annoyed, its like he lives with a 4-6 year old sister and is confined to his bed like a handicapped person, get some fucking perspective his life isn't that bad considering he's in prison. For someone like him, where he is now is far better off than being put in the general population where he will most certainly experience REAL torture.

Comment Re:Allow me... (Score 0) 174

See, prior to OSS, "Free Software" meant the GPL. That's it, that's all. As such, anything under that banner was, quite understandably, considered dangerous by commercial companies building closed-source applications (cue flamewar about the viral nature of the GPL).

So I'm guessing ... and I'm going to go WAY OUT on a limb here ... that you weren't doing anything computer related back during the time before Linux became popular and before GNU existed.

Prior to OSS, GPL didn't exist. I know. I was there, and so were many others who were happy to use open source software. I was copying source from magazines well before Stallman started spewing his hot air out.

Public domain was used for source starting when?

You seriously need to get an education on how all this stuff worked out before you start telling us old foggies how things happened before you had ever touched a keyboard.

Comment Re:Yeah, 12 years since the hucksters came (Score -1) 174

As I recall, I was using 'open source', Linux included before then.

I don't seem to remember hearing it called 'free software' until well after that, when all the little kiddies started hopping on Linux because, lets be realistic here, it was free and easy for them to get, not because it was open source.

Interestingly enough, it wasn't till after that period, closer to 2000 when 'free' started to be what it was called.

Its called what it is because thats why people use it. People use it because its FREE (0 cost) not because its open source or libre software or whatever you want to call it this week.

Their revolution failed because the people using it care about the fact that it doesn't cost them anything, not about the other benefits it offers.

The revolution failed because douche bags like Stallman are intentionally out to confuse the issue in order to trick more people into ranting for his cult. The whole reason he rants about 'free' is because it gets peoples attention by making them think there is something for nothing in order to agree with him, then of course he means no such thing.

I applaud Bruce and Eric for the attempt to fix the wrong, but lets face it, they aren't cult leaders and aren't willing to twist things around to suit their agenda. Stallman is.

Comment Re:net zero; +1 MS -1 for MS (Score -1) 305

If the EMET tool is capable of solving this problem then why the &83$$@# didn't they force an install of EMET to solve all the Adobe issues?

Yea, thats exactly what they should have done.

Except ... applying it is known to break shit, often. Applying it randomly, willinilly to the same effect as removing the alternate option from the system (the dynamic linker in this case, a core feature of windows for literally 20 years.) and changing the base behavior of a core system.

If they could do that without breaking all sorts of shit, they would have already.

Windows users care more about shit working than running the latest and greatest code and rarely have access, inclination or know how required to recompile the applications they use to deal with this system changes and the required modifications to applications.

Sometimes though, applying it does work well enough to get most people through until next patch tuesday.

I'm guessing you haven't been working with computers very long or have never actually worked with computers for a living where working is more important than ZOMG NEW LINUX KERNEL PATCH.

Comment Re:Haha (Score 1) 840

Let us remember that 'doing business' between world governments and 'doing business' with your local car dealer are worlds apart as far as potential outcomes.

At first glance, 'making it difficult to do business with our allies' doesn't sound like much, but when that business involves the lives of millions of people, well I'd prefer that they work as smoothly as possible together and not make any decisions based on the fact that some diplomate called someone a douche for their behavior at some party.

I'm a little less concerned that I may get ripped off on a car at the car dealership because the dealer found out that I know his wife is a whore.

Same thing, completely different scales of potential outcomes.

I'd also like to think the people in these positions are better people than most and can overcome this sort of thing ... but lets just be realistic, they are just people like you and me and knowing that everyone in the room knows your wife is a whore will put you on the defensive know matter who you are.

So yes, lets remember Joe Biden's quote, but lets remember the context that goes with that quote and not treat it like some trivial statement. There are things to be considered at this level that go beyond the extremely simplistic view of the world you're trying to impose.

Comment Re:So what (Score 0) 840

I wonder if one could count 'I consent only if you aren't whoring around with someone else' as valid.

Seems a reasonable assumption most people make in relationships, that the person isn't screwing someone else (well except for 'open' relationships in which cases thats kind of the point).

Comment Re:It was just okay (Score 0) 762

(especially the always-reliable Robert Carlyle)

The reliability of his character to be a douche was not impressive, it was just annoying. You know he's always doing something you don't want him to do and it just got old ... after about the 5th episode I was sick of him.

I'll admit, I was biased from the start after he said the only reason he did it was because the show was supposed to be 'entirely different than previous shows' ... his doucheiness didn't help then and his shitty character didn't help after it started.

It was just Day of Our Lives in space, and that was just retarded.

I've had to force myself to watch any episode since Fire, which was the last show where Destiny seemed even slightly plausible, now we're just seeing shit that isn't even plausible in a sci-fi series, just downright silly with not even a hint of explanation ... yes, I know its supposed to keep me interested, but it doesn't, it just gets annoying.

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