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Red Hat Software

Submission + - Fedora Core and Fedora Extras to merge

Kelson writes: "Fedora Weekly News is reporting that, beginning with Fedora 7, the distinction between Core and Extras will cease to exist:
Starting with Fedora 7, there is no more Core, and no more Extras; there is only Fedora. One single repository, built in the community on open source tools, assembled into whatever spins the Fedora community desires.

The post goes on to list three "spins" they plan to have for Fedora 7's April release: server, desktop and KDE. Presumably these would be 1-disc installation sets, with further packages downloaded over the network, rather than the 5-CD collection needed to install Fedora 6."

Submission + - Internet Under Attack by Zombie Computers?

SeaSolder writes: News flash! The internet is under attack from zombie computers!

While this may come as a surprise to your grandmother, why is this even being touted as news? This just goes to show how far ahead of the curve /. readers are.

From the article:

Computer experts in Eastern Europe and elsewhere are likely behind the newest computer crime plaguing the Internet, which has turned innocent users into unwitting participants and left security experts stumped, The New York Times reported.

Submission + - NASA Will Go Metric on the Moon

An anonymous reader writes: is reporting that NASA has decided to use the metric system for its new lunar missions. NASA hopes that metrication will allow easier international participation and safer missions. The loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter was blamed on an error converting between English units and metric units. 'When we made the announcement at the meeting, the reps for the other space agencies all gave a little cheer,' said a NASA official.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Dealing With Slowvertising 2

I've noticed both on my own pages and on the pages of others (like Yahoo) that sometimes a page will hang mid-render while waiting for a script-sourced ad to fill in a table cell or a div.

I thought this was only a problem on older browsers where the size of the ad/div wasn't specified, but I'm finding that this still happens on the newest browsers with divs and table cells.

Submission + - Detection of Earth-like Civilizations Now Possible

Mr. McGibby writes: "Astronomers have proposed an improved method of searching for intelligent extraterrestrial life using instruments like one now under construction in Australia. The Low Frequency Demonstrator (LFD) of the Mileura Wide-Field Array (MWA), a facility for radio astronomy, theoretically could detect Earth-like civilizations around any of the 1,000 nearest stars. The original paper describes the details."

Submission + - Nike's "customer Services"

Anonymous Coward writes: "I've recently been looking to buy some new Ski pants.

After looking arround at various online retail websites to get some ideas what's out there, i eventually found my way over to the nike ACG website. i wont actually list the url, mainly becuase it is, without a doubt the WORST designed flash website of all time, and contains less actual information that any tabloid you care to mention.

It was, i have to add, such a bad website that i felt compeled to find some form of contact adress, or feedback form, and to give them a peice of my mind.

There is, it should be said, on nike's UK website ( cat=locations&item=landing&country=uk )
a customer services tab at the top, which then gives you the "contact us" page.

Right at the bottom of that page, is a "site feedback"link.

So, after giving a pretty clear and concise message i hit the old submit button.

Only to be redirected to a second page asking me to confirm my Full name, as well as my e-mail adress.
Fair enough, thought I, and duely gave them the requested information.

The message that followed really, REALLY just defies any form of logic, other than that of an american.

I've taken a screen shot.

I'm going to use it as a desktop, and possibly even get it printed on to a t-shirt.

                  Response to e-mail
We are a U.S.-based Consumer Service Organization and therefore we do not have the resources to answer inquires from other countries.

Please contact your local Nike distributor for assistance.

Nike U.K., Ltd.
One Victory Way
Doxford International Business Park
Sunderland, SR3 XF
44-191-401-2012 (fax)

The local distributor will handle all product complaints, regardless of where the product was purchased. If you are looking for Nike Company information, please visit the Nike corporate site at products are currently limited to U.S. sales only. NIKE iD products are available in the USA, Europe and Japan. Visit the Global Home page at and select your region for more information on ordering NIKE iD products.

Please. Someone at slash dot. Please go to Nikes website, and try this. OR, just ask me, and i'll E-mail you the Jpg."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - The Lighter Side of CES

mattnyc99 writes: Over at Popular Mechanics' CES coverage, law professor Glenn Reynolds — better know as the blogger behind Instapundit — has shown off his tech chops with postings from Las Vegas analyzing an iTV revolution and Sony's new Web-streaming HDTV. But today he's just wandering CES, finding great little stuff like an update on Intel's Wi-Max, the boom in HD peripherals, even tricked-out massage chairs.

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