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Submission + - Nike's "customer Services"

Anonymous Coward writes: "I've recently been looking to buy some new Ski pants.

After looking arround at various online retail websites to get some ideas what's out there, i eventually found my way over to the nike ACG website. i wont actually list the url, mainly becuase it is, without a doubt the WORST designed flash website of all time, and contains less actual information that any tabloid you care to mention.

It was, i have to add, such a bad website that i felt compeled to find some form of contact adress, or feedback form, and to give them a peice of my mind.

There is, it should be said, on nike's UK website ( cat=locations&item=landing&country=uk )
a customer services tab at the top, which then gives you the "contact us" page.

Right at the bottom of that page, is a "site feedback"link.

So, after giving a pretty clear and concise message i hit the old submit button.

Only to be redirected to a second page asking me to confirm my Full name, as well as my e-mail adress.
Fair enough, thought I, and duely gave them the requested information.

The message that followed really, REALLY just defies any form of logic, other than that of an american.

I've taken a screen shot.

I'm going to use it as a desktop, and possibly even get it printed on to a t-shirt.

                  Response to e-mail
We are a U.S.-based Consumer Service Organization and therefore we do not have the resources to answer inquires from other countries.

Please contact your local Nike distributor for assistance.

Nike U.K., Ltd.
One Victory Way
Doxford International Business Park
Sunderland, SR3 XF
44-191-401-2012 (fax)

The local distributor will handle all product complaints, regardless of where the product was purchased. If you are looking for Nike Company information, please visit the Nike corporate site at products are currently limited to U.S. sales only. NIKE iD products are available in the USA, Europe and Japan. Visit the Global Home page at and select your region for more information on ordering NIKE iD products.

Please. Someone at slash dot. Please go to Nikes website, and try this. OR, just ask me, and i'll E-mail you the Jpg."

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