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Submission + - Facebook Hit By Coordinated Spam Attack

An anonymous reader writes: Over the last few days, Facebook users have been experiencing a flood of very graphic images depicting pornography, acts of violence, self-mutilation, and bestiality. The company confirmed the reports this morning and then this afternoon revealed that this has been the result of a coordinated spam attack leveraging a browser vulnerability.

Submission + - A Simple Guide For Creating Animations For Google

tetrahedrassface writes: When Google Plus debuted their pages a short time ago, many of us were very excited to have them. Their layout is clean, and fast. In short, G+ Plus Pages work. Many of us however noted that animated gifs are handled quite well in Google Plus, but on the header for a G'+ Page, well gifs don't work. However RedBull created an amazing page for their product and that had an animated header. I'm going to quickly explain how to do it in Gimp, so you too can have an interactive and engaging G+ Page (and hopefully stylish). In short animations do work, but the gif has to have jpg attributes!

1: Fire up Gimp!

2: Open a .jpg image and scale it to 150 x 150.

3: Copy that image.

4: Open a new project and set it for 150 x 150.

5: Paste your scaled jpg image into your new project.

6: Open your layers menu and rename the floating selection (pasted image layer to 'Background' and delete the old Background layer.

*Your project should now have the pasted .jpg as the background layer*

7: Create a new layer with layer tool and put whatever you'd like in there, drawing or what not. :)

8: Make as many layers as you'd like, then render the .gif, what really is important is having the .jpg attributes in the Background image layer.

9: Profit? :)

Submission + - Blogger Buzz: Use your Google+ profile with your B (

fazryx writes: "n fewer than 4 months since its launch, more than 40 million people have joined Google+, making it a living, breathing space for social connections and sharing to thrive.

Today we’re excited to announce the first way you will be able to leverage Google+ — by making it possible to replace your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile."

Submission + - Was a fifth giant planet ejected from the Solar Sy (

Retired Spy writes: We all know that the solar system has always had four giant planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Now it's claimed that it's likely to have held to a fifth giant planet that got thrown out.

Read more:


Submission + - Google Plus Already Affecting Search Results (

tetrahedrassface writes: "John Mark Troyer of VMware has noted in a post over on Google Plus that the recent implementation of Google Pages is already affecting search results. From the post, 'below are two searches for VAAI, a VMware-related acronym. On the left, I'm logged in to Google. On the right, logged out. On the left, the third result is from +Rich Brambley, someone I have in a Circle. That URL does not appear until page 3 of the logged out Google search. Another result from a blogger in one of my circles comes in as result #5 when logged in and not until on page 6 when logged out. (not shown)
What's the take home?
For Google+ users: be careful who you circle. It could affect your world view!

For organizations with pages:
* Make it easy for people to circle bloggers who write about you. Share good content from others! Share a circle!
* Start building your Google+ community. It will change how people find information about you and your activities.
* SEO just got a lot more complicated.
For journalists and media organizations:
* Sorry ZDNet, you just got bumped by a blogger."


Submission + - NASA Successfully Test Fires J-2X Engine. (

tetrahedrassface writes: "NASA successfully test fired the J-2X engine today for 500 seconds at Stennis Space Center. The J2-X is derived from the J2 engine from the Apollo Era, and will power the upper stage of the SLS. From the article: 'We have 500 seconds of good data, and the first look is that everything went great. The J-2X engine team and the SLS program as a whole are extremely happy that we accomplished a good, safe and successful test today,” said Mike Kynard, Space Launch System Engines Element Manager at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. “This engine test firing gives us critical data to move forward in the engine’s development.'"

Comment Realistic vs Imagination (Score 1) 87

While spotted horses once ran and roamed the fertile plains of Europe, they may have been a small subset of the total horse population. Maybe the spotted horses were made fun of. Maybe the cave-people laughed as they graced the walls of caves with their likeness. It's never been easy to be different, and possibly the cave-people just wanted to say to history.. 'we have diversity too'. Or, maybe not. Maybe all the horses were spotted. Maybe some were striped, or perhaps looked like a Palomino. Would we feel differently then? Actually, the cave-people drew what they saw because they were cave-people. They weren't drawing imaginary cities or imaginary trees... How is this news really? Spotted horses are great, if you like horses.

Also, Dear Slashdot: Please get a Google + page and post these article to Google plus, so I don't ever have to visit the darkside of the force of facebook again. Thank you. :)

Submission + - U.S Pwned In Space, No One Cares. 1

tetrahedrassface writes: The narrative over the last five years in the U.S. has been rife with an increasing number of attacks on NASA, its funding, how it arrives at its funds, and the governments role in space exploration. The detractors would have us believe that privatization is the only way forward, short of a erstwhile and fully cognizant federal plan. Yet, during this time as we have dallied and preferred to argue over the best course of action, other countries have continued to fund both manned and unmanned platforms on a governmental basis. The result is that Russia is preparing to launch a Soyuz from South America. The Chinese are busy preparing to launch a trial space station in September, and India just overtook Canada's place in space competiviness. Does anyone else care that we are being owned by all these other countries. Isn't it time we get our space program in gear?

Submission + - Ultrabook boats 50-day "deep-sleep" battery (

Barence writes: "Details of the first Intel Ultrabooks are beginning to emerge, including the Acer Aspire S3, which claims to have a "deep-sleep" battery life of 50 days on standby. The new class of laptops are designed to be slim, lightweight and boast long battery life. The 13.1in screen on the S3 is actually bonded to the aluminium lid to keep it as thin as possible, and Acer's "thermal comfort" design moves all the hot-running components away from the wrist-rest, and positions them near the single exhaust vent at the rear of the laptop."

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