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Comment Re:Civil rights violation to be asked to speak cle (Score 1) 448

The fact that English is essentially a mash-up, a hybrid language, should exclude it from accentism. Even those from the United Kingdom aren't really native English, because English itself is a rehash of old frankish, french, and god-knows-what. Those of you who speak a "real" old-world language know what I mean... English is just cobbled together. It is dominant, but that does not make it an authority.

What fact? English is neither a creole nor a pidgin. It is a Germanic language at its core syntactically, phonologically, and in its vocabulary. It still shares much in common with its past forms (including Old English a.k.a. Anglo-Saxon) and other Germanic languages (Dutch, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, etc). Yes, it has many words of French and Latin origin but so do most "real Old World" languages. It has also acquired quite a few other words from various languages as appropriate for any language with an imperial legacy and diverse peoples taking it up. Further reading: History of the English Language.

You sound awfully upset about English's high standing in the world. A rather small thing to get so worked up over.

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