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Comment Re:Well damn (Score 0) 362

My experience of internet untill 2000 was much better than the "free shit" era that came right after 2000.

No language getho's, everybody spoke english and tried to understand each other and respect each other most of the times.

This "Free shit" era also brought the worse audience to the internet, there is no coincidence that the 2 came together.

I paid through my nose in those days to get online, but it was worth every penny, nowadays I stay online only because it is dirt cheap, internet for me became more or less worthless over time, and the "free shit" bringers are largely responsible for the devaluation of internet.

Comment Re:Lack of tolerance to other religions (Score 1) 412

How do you think those "uneducated and ignorant" voters are going to react if you try to rule them without representation?

Probably they will sulk in a corner and cowardly do nothing, but don't think that I am much more courageous.
The problem is that we the people failed to keep them, the political class, from gathering massive militairy power and money.

We stand no whatsoever chance to win, apart from maybe die by the billions to unseat this generation of the political class.
If we do win the power vacuum will be filled before you can say bleh.

I have no other solution than eradicate all of us if we want to solve this problem, where there are people there will be faul games, power grabs and war.

Comment Counter question... (Score 1) 144

Why do you think that Apple has a 100 billion cashflow and is the highest ranked business on the stock exchange?
There are many defense companies of which you would say, why are they rated lower than a consumer grade shiny mirror company?
Could it be that the consumer grade shiny mirror company is worth more to the 1% and the authorities than all the other defense companies?

Why would you think that is? You connect the dots.
If you found the answer then you would also have found the answer to why Apple is banning people to see where dronestrikes take place.

Comment Re:+5, wait what? (Score 1) 393

Calling my cynicism pathetic is not going to change the moderation of your post, as it is still 5+ Funny.
Neither does it help to solve how dictatorship structures are deeply embedded into our societies.

You need to lighten up as being cramped over this will do all but help solving the situation, besides, often there is way more result to point out painfull things in a humorous package.

Comment Re:The proper way (Score 1) 206

They are my isp too, and I had the same thing happening.

Their helpdesk is the only non scripted helpdesk with a dutch isp, they take the time it takes to solve the problem, instead of playing hide and seek while blaming their customers like most other companies do.

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