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Comment Re:Some changes will be needed... (Score 1) 296

I just wish that pre-production meetings between producers and writers could be recorded and popped onto DVDs as extras. Then you'd see where some of the goofier decisions in film making come from.

Oh, it won't happen, of course. The sort of producers that come up with these things take themselves much too seriously to want their 'process' exposed for mere entertainment.

This was a great book. I shudder to think of what they'll do with it in a movie. 3D. That means the producers will want something scary to repeatedly shove in the face of the audience. This won't end well...

Comment Some changes will be needed... (Score 0, Troll) 296

First, they'll have to get rid of the fighting suits. Too expensive, and to much CGI or practical effects needed. Besides, how can we see the brilliant acting if the actors are all canned?

Second, the Taurans just aren't scary enough. They should look like multiple species of giant insects.

Third, using dead stellar objects for the FTL transportation of canned primates is so 1980. The Stargate collapsar should be a big ring thingie the troops can just walk through. This also gets rid of the tired old spaceship gags, saves money on effects, and avoids breaks in the action.

Keep the salute, though. That tests big with the 18-24 male demographic.

Comment Re:If they win... (Score 1) 660

If Pystar can win on OSX, the same argument could, in principle, be made for other operating systems.

Correct. One could simply pay the market price for an operating system or other software, and use it in any manner one wants without regard for terms of the associated license.

One could, for example, use a GNU/Linux operating system as the basis for a set-top box, and ignore the terms of the GPL license as irrelevant, as they have already paid the going rate for the software.

Comment Re:Wrong Premise (Score 1) 1108

When your pretty graph goes back "millions" of years, then you might have a point, but 400k out of 3.5 billion years, this is about as useful as grabbing a handful of random people from a barney the dinosaur concert and using them to stereotype the other 6.5 billion people on the planet.

Oh, snap! That's your problem right there. That graph just goes back too diddly-darn far. Why, the earth is only 6,000 years old. All this talk of millions or billions of years is just crazy talk.

You're not going to get anywhere with your fact-based agendas.

Comment Re:A reasoned analysis? That's good. (Score 2, Insightful) 869

znu is right. bonch is wrong.

Screenshots are all raster data. Bitmaps. Pixels. And yes, raster data can be embedded in PDF files.

Rasterization of each app's vector drawing operations occurs primarily within the application. through the app's Quartz drawing context. (OpenGL may be used there, so if someone wants to get really pedantic, the actual generation of pixels might be happening in the GL driver and GPU.)

This is getting pretty far off topic. (Welcome to /.)

Comment Re:Claims (Score 4, Interesting) 250

NeXTSTEP 4.0 Alpha; sometimes mis-called Beta on web sites.

The software featured tabs across the screen bottom for various window types. (We cribbed these for Mac OS 8.5 after the merger, as the tabbed window feature.) The Documents tab was a window which presented icons of documents, each of which could be a preview of the actual document, badged to indicate the associated application.

This implementation nicely meets all the claims, but predates the patent application by 5 years. I won't bother going through all the details, but Cygnus is boned. Software patent litigation as a business model is so last decade...

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