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Comment My current box... (Score 1) 272

My current box hosting VMs is the following:
Core2 Duo 6600
4GB Ram
2 100+GB HDs (might be 250s, don't recall off hand)
MB is a Supermicro X7SBA (probably the most expensive part)

I'm using MS Hyper-V server (I'm not a Linux user), and it works quite well. Yeah, I can't run 10 different VMs simultaneously, but I can run what I need for learning / experimentation, etc.

Comment Pick a year, then adjust the clocks by 1/2 hour... (Score 1) 755

and be done with it. No more DST. So, if it were decided that next spring, would be the year, everyone would adjust their clocks by 1/2 hour forward, and then never adjust them (for DST) again. If you're a state that doesn't do DST, tough, adjust your clock to match everyone else in the time zone, you won't be doing it again, anyways.

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