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Comment Re:Well . . . (Score 2, Insightful) 793

And as I've said before, if you are still paying for music you are financing this travesty! Attempting to alter peoples behavior by means of destructive acts (I don't care if killing through bombs or through financially destroying them) is terrorism and if you are paying for music you are financing terrorism.

Comment Terrorism (Score 1) 243

The actions of the RIAA are nothing short of terrorism focused on those people that enjoy music and financed by those people that pay for music. Just like Al-Qaeda being financed by the buyers of opium and other related drugs. As long as some people are still paying for music these attacks will continue. We need to wipe out RIAA's financing!

Comment Liability (Score 1) 408

I think the more interesting question is the if Pirate Bay is liable for copyright violations without themselves actually violating copyright, are media companies liable for violent crimes violations without themselves actually committing violent crimes? A large part of modern cinema and music quite obviously glamorizes violent behavior, shouldn't action be taken against the media companies for these, now that this precedent is in place?

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