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Comment Re:Great timing! (Score 1) 90

2 years ago I used eclipse & got sick and tired of the installation "eating" itself & needing re-install on a monthly basis.

1 year ago I used eclipse & got sick and tired of it just being too damn slow. As others have mentioned the start-up time sucked but I didn't care much about that. The real deal breaker for me was how slow it is during regular use. If you've ever tried to work with a large "enterprise" project (with 1000s of individual files), you'll know what I mean.

Today, I use IntelliJ / IDEA. It rocks. Still not as snappy as VS, but hands down a better experience for me then eclipse. I'm not going back.

Comment Re:Shielding (Score 1) 85

Couldn't you design the assemblies so the boards could be conformal coated with a dialectic layer and them potted with a RF absorbing layer and then a grounded layer as not be able to pick up the emissions in the first place.

I suppose you could, but it'd really ruin your reception. As long as you have the need for a functioning antenna connected to the device, stray signals will be received as well as transmitted. Not to mention that your idea would increase the build cost in a way that most manufacturers would deem "unnecessary".

Comment Re:I generate my power with solar (Score 1) 507

I've got a 48" LCD that is used daily. Also an old P4 Xeon machine (call it the space heater) running 24/7. That and the other usual stuff (laptop, stereo, kitchen appliances, washing machine, electric dryer, clocks, various chargers, etc.) The only common amenity that I am without is the dishwasher.

My normal power consumption is about 400-500 kwH per month. Granted I do have a gas furnace and water heater. Of course during the summer, during the months when I am running two A/C units pretty much constantly, it does rise up to about 1700 kwH.

But anyways 500 kWH is not at all uncommon, and is not indicative of living "in a one-room shack with a single LED lightbulb and a Mac mini".

Comment Re:Botnet sans broadband? Seen it already... (Score 1) 140

Surprised nobody has suggested denyhosts yet. I used to get my port 22 knocked on at an average of once per second, for months. For convenience I didn't feel like changing my ssh port, and it didn't worry me much because it is my personal machine with root login turned off, and with good passwords on all other login accounts. But as someone else mentioned, it filled my logs and made it hard to notice the more important things... After installing denyhosts, the ssh dictionary attacks were blocked almost immediately and almost entirely.

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