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Comment Mix media (Score 1) 498

I have some old CD's (still can be read from 10 years ago). In this CD's i have data that was migrated from my and old 8086 XT . Also have lot of file on Zip drives and keep a USB zip drive around for when i need to use them. From 7 years to now. I been keeping my files on mirrored drives on storage servers (now a applianse that turns disks off if not in use to lower power usage and extend the life of my drives. Should last for a long time as I only use them a few times per week).

It's time to move my data from CD's into the appliance as they are getting close to EOD.

Comment Level 3 is not sending Data to Compcast (Score 1) 315

We the comcast clients are Pulling/Requesting the data to be downloaded.
Once this is understood is very clear that Level 3 is (or any other) should pay any fee for data Comcast customers are requesting.
It be a an other story if Level 3/Netflix was sending unrequested data on their own.

One could argue that if some were to pay a fee for using bandwidth it should be Comcast as you can say Comcast network is requesting very large amounts of bandwidth from Level3.

Comment Re:How much is stolen? (Score 5, Insightful) 97

It's not technically stolen. We started by sending our manufacturing plants to China, higher Technical jobs, followed by Research jobs... Now China has l everything it needs to build new technology: Manufacturing + qualified labour + brains... Just yesterday i was thinking: Can US build a LCD with 100% us manufactured components... I'm thinking the answer is No.

Comment Re:White Album (Score 1) 551

As long as you own the CD. You LEGALLY downloaded the contents. It's only illegal for those who don't already own the album. This is were it gets fuzzy as is difficult to prove on your part that you own the CD. Unless you get sued and show up in court with a receipt proving you already have rights to play to keep and play the music... Can find a receipt from 1980 your problem :(

Comment Microsoft, HP, Samsung, BB Foxconn, Acer, Logitech (Score 2, Insightful) 481

From one of pictures in the article:
"These teenagers work for the KYE factory in China, which manufactures computer mice and webcams for Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Best Buy, Foxconn, Acer, Logitech, and other US companies"
This proves what I keep saying. Now a days there is no difference, with brand you are buying. It's made by the same people (under pay kids in this case).
Same sloppy lavor and quality standards.

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