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Comment Re:Err ... (Score 1) 230

People like to joke about the video game like nature of their mission - one can understand this thinking to a point.

On the ground combat it isn't - no one disputes that.

The drone pilots know they are killing people, and they get stressed over it like any one else would. They have to make operational decisions, and again - they know that they are ending lives. The distance matters not.

Yeah, they deserve medals for their particular skill-set.

Comment Re:Really odd this is from Iceland (Score 1) 684

Maybe what they are really afraid of is declining birth rates.

With more guys satisfying themselves with porn, there's less chance of pregnancy.

Not that I agree with a ban, at all. I'm simply pointing out reasoning that might not have made it to the public statements. We've heard arguments like this about pron before.

BTW, whatever happened to autopr0n? He used to have nice little site there.

Comment Re:Read your employment contract for conflict (Score 1) 257

Yeah, the corporate contract. I'm a software manager for a big faceless corporate entity.

I've tried to start my own web sites, but found that I can't compete with Facebook and Amazon, even with nifty SEO ideas to get me to the top of Google and Bing. It was fun learning though, and getting back to writing code - which my day job no longer allows.

I'm sure that my employer actually owns the IP now for those 2 little sites. Good luck with that.

More recently, I've returned to playing music as a hobby, and am finding that I'm decent at writing rock songs.. the music anyway.

Never thought about it before parent's post, but I wonder if my company owns my creative output too, even though it has nothing to do with technology.

Submission + - Where to find a customizable sunrise and sunset calendar? 1

wideBlueSkies writes: I've a little hobby of tracking the sunrise and sunsets and tides in my area (NYC). Basically I've been doing this with a spreadsheet sourced from 2 different places, merged by date.

I'd like to somehow turn this data into a wall calendar, along with the moon phases, and the usual smattering of holidays I can't seem to find any one calendar that has it all. An additional requirement is that I want to add personal meaningful days, (wedding anniversary, my kid's birthday, etc).

Does anyone know where I could find something like this?

Thanks in advance.

Happy Birthday /. . I've had membership for I think 10 years now, and was lurking for 3 or 4 before that. Things have changed a bit, but this is still one of my favorite sites on the intertubes.

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