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Comment Re:Why not share wi-fi? (Score 1) 271

There are plenty of security concerns with an unencrypted network.>While FON looks like it may be interesting to some people, I need all my bandwidth for my porn.

On a more serious note, many providers in the US will cancel or severely cripple your service if you use so much bandwidth in a month or other predefined timespan. There are other factors to consider.

Comment Re:Bot scanner? (Score 2, Insightful) 146

While some malware/botnet clients may escape anti-virus detection, the common trait is that they all have to connect to a command and control server. Many IDS products have signatures to detect this type of traffic.

For example, many "botnet-kits" will connect using IRC on a random high port. IRC usage audit signatures are good for detecting the more common botnet c&c traffic.

Prevention is key, but it's still not easy - trying to keep Joe User from playing that Michael Jackson video he got in his email from an unknown sender is quite a challenge.

Comment Re:hey Asus (Score 5, Informative) 644

Although parent is modded Troll, just a quick whois reveals that the domain was registered by some guy with a hotmail address using godaddy as a registrar (and likely the host as well.. It also uses godaddy DNS. I would also question the authenticity of this website. A whois to the IP shows that it's hosted by Also, there is nothing on ASUS's website to indicate that they had anything to do with this.

Submission + - Students required to buy iPhones 2

Norsefire writes: "New incoming freshmen at the University of Missouri School of Journalism are being required to purchase iPhones to enable them to download lectures and to check facts on the internet while reporting from a news scene. After complaints, the school explained that it is requiring "web-enabled, audio-video player" devices, but while Blackberrys and Zunes are acceptable they are "not preferred"."

Submission + - SPAM: Could 'Terminator' happen? Vernor Vinge answers 1

destinyland writes: "A science magazine asks an MIT professor, roboticists, artificial intelligence workers, and science fiction authors about the possibility of an uprising of machines. Answers range from "of course it's possible" to "why would an intelligent network waste resources on personal combat?" An engineering professor points out that bipedal robots "are largely impractical," and Vernor Vinge says a greater threat to humanity is good old-fashioned nuclear annihilation. But one roboticist says it's inevitable robots will eventually be used in warfare, while another warns of robots in the hands of criminals, cults, and other 'non-state actors'. "What we should fear in the foreseeable future is not unethical robots, but unethical roboticists.""
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