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Submission + - SPAM: Could 'Terminator' happen? Vernor Vinge answers 1

destinyland writes: "A science magazine asks an MIT professor, roboticists, artificial intelligence workers, and science fiction authors about the possibility of an uprising of machines. Answers range from "of course it's possible" to "why would an intelligent network waste resources on personal combat?" An engineering professor points out that bipedal robots "are largely impractical," and Vernor Vinge says a greater threat to humanity is good old-fashioned nuclear annihilation. But one roboticist says it's inevitable robots will eventually be used in warfare, while another warns of robots in the hands of criminals, cults, and other 'non-state actors'. "What we should fear in the foreseeable future is not unethical robots, but unethical roboticists.""
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Could 'Terminator' happen? Vernor Vinge answers

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  • You've got to be kidding right? "Non-state actors"? Give me a break.

    The biggest threat are from State Based Actors implementing their war of terrorism, oh, pardon me, their war against terrorism using methods that cause terror and thus make them indistinguishable from their enemies the terrorists! Be that as it may...

    The USA, China, Russia, ... countries like these are the worst threat when it comes to creating terminator like kill bots.

    The USA is already on a major push to make it so. The USA already terro

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