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Comment Laugh or cry? (Score 1) 514

From TFA: It is clear that the ugly figure of Jabba and the whole scene smacks of racial prejudice and vulgar insinuations against Asians and Orientals as people with deceitful and criminal personalities.

Orientals have the most violent, deceiftul and criminal personalitites! Duh!

Comment High-tech !? (Score 2) 377

...It also would serve as a major impediment to foreign investment in the Antiguan economy, particularly in high-tech industries,” the U.S. added. Antigua doesn’t appear to be impressed much by these threats and is continuing with its plan.

LOL? Who gives a rat's ass for high-tech in Antigua? I suspect life there is about tourism, boobs and booze!
High-tech to Antigua is like McAfee or Kim Dotcom parking his yacht there!

Comment Re:first (Score 1) 323

Automatic join is cool, because you pop your phone and make a search or whatever.
What I don't get is why we've invented Wi-Fi and make people turn it off instead of making the track process illegal!
Next thing is to make the cell tower tracking you (which already does) and phone companies make that public "as a service", too. Try to turn off that one!

Comment Re:Good but... (Score 1) 129

But will it run on your toaster? Geez, it's a DESKTOP for God's sake. What would you expect to boot in command line and have 64MB? Go somewhere else! Actually instead of repacking packages like most other distros, these people took the matter into their own hand and started to build something closer to a real usable desktop more than Ubuntu will, probably, ever be. Or other lame distros. I really appreciate it and glad that Mint exists.

Comment Re:After 5 years' Linux usage, I'm switching to Ma (Score 1) 378

This thing is just too infuriatingly dumbed down

That's so cliché that I really wonder if you really got your hands on a Mac aside from a shop demo. Also, I am trying to imagine what kind of "power user" are you, 'cause usually power users are command line freaks. While programmers that I know usually use vim or some kind of IDE like Eclipse/Netbeans.

FYI, I moved to Mac a month ago and I'm very happy. Laptop was from the company so I switched first thing on monday, being back on track after a couple of days.

I use the Mac both home and at work place and IT FUCKING WORKS. I was sick of my Dell that I have to carefully shutdown because it NEVER WAKES FROM HIBERNATION. Did I mention that ATI drivers overheat and wireless are major PITA to set-up and works only g? Then came the freaking Gnome ... and that was the last draw. It was the last nail in the coffin.

On desktop Linux and Gnome 2 was a VERY DECENT workstation. Used it for several years. On laptop SUCKS BIG TIME. Anyway, it's free and I am still using CentOS on our servers, cannot complain in that department.

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