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Comment Re:Advertizing and privacy are 2 different things (Score 1) 362

It's ironic that Ghostery identifies 6 trackers on this very Slashdot page.

Its not ironic at all if you think about it. Slashdot was original created by geeks for geeks. It became popular and later the original geeks became a minority. The original creator is no longer involved and it is being sold every few months to another company trying to monetize it.... Sounds like a microcosm of the internet itself.

Comment Re:Same name, different critter? (Score 1) 247

Only it's not really the same "Slashdot" any more now, is it? It's like a sex slave being passed around from one plantation owner to another, but none of 'em likes her enough to cough up a weddin' ring.

The most recent of which was only a few days ago, and I actually found out about through ARS, not slashdot...

Makes you wonder if they are starting to regret their role as a sex slave.

Comment Re:Taxes (Score 1) 293

However, the benefit of the S-Corp is that after you pay all employees a modest Salary (including the owner) You can pay out profits as capital gains to the share holders. (S-Corps have shares that can be bought/sold; but I assume most people on Slashdot will just be the sole owner of all their company shares.) The capital gains are then taxed at 15% which is usually much lower than your normal income tax bracket.

Of course due to various laws you want to talk to an accountant about this. Each state is different, and the IRS will not be happy with you (i.e. audit, possible fine) if it deems that you did not pay yourself an appropriate salary.

It depends on the various laws in your state, and your particular situations, but the S-Corp starts making more sense then the LLC when you have revenues of $50,000-75,000. The more money your company is making the better deal the S-Corp becomes. As mentioned by an earlier post, you will need an accountant with the S-Corp, and the cost savings of the S-corp will need to outweigh the extra fees in managing the corporation. An S-Corp is usually more expensive in the cost of filing fees as well.

Comment Re:OMG Ponies (Score 1) 128

On a website like slashdot, it surprises me that my earlier comment was not immediately recognized as sarcasm.

As you mentioned, professing a love of windows on Slashdot is not a normal reaction. Anyone on this site doing so is either trolling or trying to provide comic relief. Seeing how I logged in instead of posting as an AC, believe me that the latter is true.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 175

You're an older guy aren't you?

In the world of computers, I'm ancient. (roughly 40) I learned to program on an old Commodore Vic-20. I even taught myself 6502 assembler on it. It had 5K of RAM, but I was lucky enough to have the whopping 16K memory expansion cartridge. (Which cost more money at the time than you can get a RAID unit now including a few TBs of storage; and that doesn't account for inflation either.)

  Of course I don't think of myself as old but I do wish the youngen's would keep their useless bloated widgets, off my desktop.

I pretty much agree with you... It seems that what few older developers are left actually care about making things work. There are a few younger ones that do, but not many and the number seems to get fewer and fewer each successive year.

Comment Re:OMG Ponies (Score 1) 128

How about " \ . " to profess our love of windows. Of course if we can round up a few million bucks, maybe we can get a corporate designer to come up with something as exciting as 4 colored squares in a square pattern.

(FYI, the new windows logo reminds me of the millions AT&T spent when spinning off Lucent to come up with the "coffee stain" logo that was ridiculed by most including a Dilbert strip.)

Comment Re:6 Grueling Hours. (Score 1) 362

They elect not to make an offer because I would be too good for the job.

Amazing that they could say that with a straight face. More amazing is that you actually believed them.

I know I am feeding the AC TROLL, but this does happen. It happened to me about a year ago.

I applied for a position with a company that had two offices, one in Atlanta near my house and the other in Warner Robbins, GA, about 3 hours away.

After the interview even I realized that it was not the job for me. They really needed a mid-level developer, not a senior developer such as myself. However, you should always remain professional... Even though it felt like time was wasted you never know what can happen next. I thanked them for their time, exchanged pleasantries, and then returned home.

About a half hour after I left, the project manager I met called me... I really impressed their team. They were telling me that they wanted me on the team and were going to talk to their client and possibly renegotiate their contract in order to redefine the role a Sr Developer with the proper payscale. They just needed to talk to the CEO in order for him to approve the major change.

It turns out that the CEO did not want to renegotiate with the client so that job opportunity was gone. However, he was about to start a brand new pet project of his own and a week later interviewed me personally for the new position. Ultimately, it did not work out, the new position was for me to lead a new team. I have the experience for that and would have been brought on, but, as a team lead I would have been expected to be onsite. As the CEO's pet project, he wanted it at his location 3 hours from my house. I turned it down because I was not willing to relocate, and we both knew that a 3 hour commute (each way) would not last very long before burnout sets in.

Moral of the story:
1) Yes, you can be overqualified
2) You should still be respectful of others even when it seems like your time was wasted... (It is never wasted when you leave a good impression.)
3) An AC TROLL will never learn 1 & 2 because neither will ever happen to him/her/it.
4) It obvious that the TROLLS are still unemployed due to the amount of time that have on their hands.

Comment Re:Time to upgrade to this (Score 1) 175

No stupid compositors that require ridiculous effects that are recipe for X crashes and stalls...

Funny how often that completely invalid position is repeated. Your graphics card is optimized for 3D acceleration. You have a little supercomputer sitting there waiting for you to ask it for help. Compositors take a lot of the workload off your slow main CPU and offload it to that supercomputer. If you can get the round corners and wiggly windows for free because your graphics card is the end result of a few billion R&D dollars making it good at that stuff, why not? Especially with something as slow and power-hungry as your P4, I'd rather let the coprocessors do as much of my desktop's work as possible.

Nothing is free... Yes the GPU does a lot... However, the GPU still needs to be told what to do and given the information to do it.
The GPU will take care of your 2D and 3D effects and physics (depending on the age and quality of your graphics card) without a direct impact on the CPU. However, the CPU still needs to spend time looking for input events to determine when the GPU should start those effects. The memory still holds this information on the effects. The system bus still needs to transfer the data from memory to the GPU for it to know the parameters of the effects. The GPU still uses power and increases the internal heat of the system.

Now, a modern computer has created ways to minimize the slowdown such as direct access from the GPU to system memory. However, it only minimizes the slowdown, it does not eliminate it. BUT, the one thing that is still used is memory... The more detailed the effect or more detailed images, the more raw memory is required. The more memory in use for storing graphic data, the less can be used for application data. The less available memory you have, the more virtual memory and disk i/o you will use. Once you start using a lot of i/o, your system will slow to a crawl. (And everything now starts using all these little effects, so it is not just your bloated desktop, it is all your bloated apps, and even bloated hardware drivers rendering your 4GB of memory today inadequate to compensate.)

Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 1) 175

First, I admit that I am not fond of KDE4 or Gnome3. I am looking at my next primary desktop using either LXDE or Mate if it is stable. I care much more for usability and stability than I do for gee-whiz features.

While I agree that they will not have the full community behind them, I wonder more about what effect this will have specifically on the developers. I believe that developers are the most limiting factor and I wonder if developers are split between all the different window managers, which project, if any, will actually have the necessary resources for continued development.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 3, Informative) 175

Apple and MSFT pay millions of dollars to developers to do all those truly shit jobs so those bugs don't end up affecting the end user, whereas the devs for a lot of the stuff in Linux are doing the work gratis so the truly shit jobs aren't done.

As a developer, I can say that I do not consider bugfixes "shit jobs." I look at it as a piece of the complete process. I admit that I am not always fond of doing it, but their is a self-fulfilling feeling of accomplishment when you find and correct a nasty bug. My preferred environment includes a mixture of both new development AND maintenance.

However, I do admit, that there are a bunch of so-called "developers" out there that only want new development and refuse to work on maintenance. They always want to work on cool new gee-whiz features without suffering the hell of working on the crap that they wrote...

There are a plethora of the latter type of "developers" which is why I think we get people adding "gee-whiz" features that no one really asked for while it always takes a long time for someone to clean up the code afterwords. The window managers in linux are perfect examples of this... When KDE4 was released, it was a piece of trash, only recently have people be starting to like it. Gnome 3 will probably be the same way, no one likes it now, but when the good developers start eradicating the nasty bugs, people will begin to open up to it... (Of course I am more interested in LXDE right now, because I care more for functionality than I do for gee-whiz effects.)

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