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Comment Re:just fair (Score 1) 805

You don't need to do this. It already is.

We, after all, "hate" them for their freedoms (don't we?). When you are poor you loose nothing, when you are rich you loose everything, therefore "they" see enemies everywhere, conspiracies where there are none and an increasingly restless population who need to externalise the insecurities.

"They" are taking Our Jobs. "They" hate us for our freedoms. "They" want our lifestyle.

No we don't. The vast majority of people in the world just want to be left the fuck alone, not having to worry about a double tap drone strike, or a midnight black bagging, rendition and torturing. Speak up and become a target.

Julian spoke up. He knows the day will come where he magically has a heart attack while eating dinner.

Its the American Way.

Comment Re:fuck the government (Score 3, Interesting) 78

I despise them too. We really deserve what we are getting.

This country is utterly doomed. Utterly and completely doomed.

I did a stint at DSD and while I cannot talk about what I saw there specifically, I can tell you that every single one of your absolute nightmares is absolutely true. Double up on the paranoia, the data collection and the cross indexing, then multiply this by six and you might get close.

Regard every single system that has an electron running through it used to monitor you and you would be getting close.

Comment What has the Internet become? (Score 5, Insightful) 171

What a horror. She saw the light, as did I.

After 17 years of building, learning and promoting I now realise just how awful it has now become. I have left the industry entirely.

Facebook is not a product of Zuckerberg, but a reflection of the inevitability that horrendous and highly penetrative technological processes will have on our lives.

People haven't asked for Big Brother, they demanded him.

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