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Comment Re:awesome publicity for public awareness (Score 3, Insightful) 597

So you are sitting in your kitchen eating some food you just purchased at a store. Suddenly some guys in black suits burst through the window, knock you to the floor, and take the food, leaving behind a message stating that someone else claimed it looked just like the food they bought, so it must have been theirs. And you are claiming it's all OK because you can go down town to an office, fill out a report, and in a couple of weeks they will return your supper to you. Sheesh

Comment Re:yes (Score 4, Insightful) 1010

I have degrees in math and have taught Math at the university level. The biggest problem is that many of the people we send to college in the US should be in tech school instead. They probably won't benefit much from Algebra, but then they are most likely flunking many other courses as well. History, Literature, Biology, the list goes on. For the ones who should be in college, and who will benefit from a college education, they absolutely need the skills that a good mathematics education will help them acquire. For the ones who should be in tech school, they often can't even do basic whole number arithmetic so naturally they don't benefit from Algebra at all.

Comment Re:Reflections from the UK (Score 2) 561

Corps members will lead ongoing professional meetings and teacher development activities; assist their schools and school districts in evaluating and providing feedback to other teachers; and validate and disseminate effective practices to improve STEM instruction.

So they will not be paid to teach as much as they will be paid to lead meetings... just what we need in the education system is less teaching and more meetings -not-

Comment Re:DSNChanger??? (Score 1) 264

And yes, I know what I'm talking about, I do this for a living, I give speeches about it, I've been doing research on this for over a decade. If you're in Europe, you can hire me on this.

Wouldn't life be wonderful if everyone who made speeches knew what they were talking about? What part of dancing bunnies is eluding you? Sure some users are morons, but the rest will do about anything to see those bunnies.

Comment Re:"The Slowdown" IS Martyn Zachary (Score 2, Insightful) 78

I concur.... my first thought upon (trying) to read the summary was that perhaps April Fool's Day had come sooner than expected, but then I realized that even the worst April Fool's Parody couldn't touch this guy... he's in a league of his own. My brain still hurts from the onslaught.

Comment Re:WoW was ruined (Score 2, Insightful) 238

this is too funny. I don't think I have ever heard a casual gamer complain that they had too many epics. The complainers are almost always the (self-proclaimed)hard-cores who think the size of their epeen depends on having more epics than anyone else. But guess what, we all pay the same (approx) $15 a month to play the game. Blizzard finally understands that to expend huge amounts of resources to create content that was only seen by a fraction of the player base was not a bright idea. So the obsessive player can get their leet gear and run the new content when it comes out, the less obssesed players get almost as good gear after a month or two, and they too can then see the high end content. Only a completely self-centered person would fail to understand the appeal of that process.

Comment Re:It is astounding .... (Score 1) 436

The only problem here is that you are pretty much wrong on all counts. Humans didn't evolve by sitting around in lovey-dovey quilt making sessions. They evolved by the ones who were better able to survive wiping out the ones who were not.

The problem is that the majority of the population are lazy gets who when given a choice between 1) work hard and earn something for yourself and 2) let your neighbour work hard and earn it for you, pick 2) every time. So you can prattle on as much as you like about collective endeavours, but that's not human nature. Come down from your ivory tower and smell the coffee. Most of the world is perfectly happy to let other people carry the load for them.

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