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Comment Re:Unenforceable? (Score 1) 387

This is why the ASBO is and has always been a foul addition to British law.

Someon is doing something not illegal, but deemed anti-social, they can be issued with an anti-social-behaviour-order to constrain their activities. Even if the order tries to stop them doing something completely legal, they can be fined or imprisoned fro breaking it. It's a horrific abuse of the law, I just hope that sooner or later someone takes this through to the ECHR and gets the whole ASBO scheme shut down.

Someone asked me the other day about why I hated the labour party in the UK. That ASBOs were introduced on their watch is something I forgot at the time, it'll be in there next time someone asks me.


In recent years a number of Police forces have issued ASBOo's to Motorcyclists. In some cases the issuing of the ASBOo's has been because of offences committed by the motorcyclists (speeding / illegal exhaust / number plates), the police chose not to prosecute, but to instead issue an ASBO, the terms of the ASBO being that any future "anti-social" behaviour performed by the motorcyclists would enable the police to seize and crush the motorcycles. So the end result is the potential punishment is far harsher than that laid down by the law for the offences committed, and at the same time, the police do not have to prove their case in a court of law...

The above was an example of ASBO's being abused when offences have been committed, but some police forces have issued ASBO notices when no offence has been committed. North Wales Police used to have a chief constable that was very anti-motorcycle. During the summer months the North Wales Police would be out in force every weekend pulling over every single motorcyclist using the roads. As part of one of their crackdowns on anti-social motorcyclists they started to issue ASBO's to every motorcyclist stopped. When questioned as to why ASBO's were being issued when no offence committed, the police would trot out the line that some (other) motorcyclists had committed offences and this had raised concerns from the local community and so the ASBO orders were justified...Guilt by association, and none of it needing to be proved in court...

Comment Re:Roundabouts (Score 1) 299

What's a stop signal? A traffic light or a metal sign?

Either way, not as numerous as "stop signals" is not the same thing as rare. In a UK city there will be hundreds of roundabouts.


It depends on the size of the city, though it should be noted that we also have Roundabouts with Traffic Lights that control entry and exit from them...

Comment Re:It must have been expensive. (Score 2) 189

You only have to pay money to the BBC for a TV licence, and no one's forcing you to do that.

You can't be fucking serious, as someone who owns a TV only for playing video-games I can tell you this isn't true. I think paying the bastards for something you technically don't use or being taken to court and fined a grand or more is a close to being forced as you can get short of them holding a loaded gun to your head. Especially when you can barley afford the license and you certainly can't afford the fucking fine.


That is incorrect, as long as you do not receive or record broadcast transmissions using that television (or any other device in that household) then you do not have to purchase a license for it. The bbc even has a form you can complete to inform them of that fact. I informed the bbc of the fact that I only have my tv hooked up to a games console years ago, every few years (3 I believe), they send me a new form....

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 386

The energy density of gasoline is about 37 kWh / US gallon.
A barrel of oil is 42 gallons.
An acre is roughly 4000 m^2.
A year contains roughly 8750 hours.
25000 barrels of oil per acre per year therefore means roughly 1100 W/m^2, averaged over the whole year - day and night.

Solar irradiation gives about 1400 W/m^2 of energy when it is straight overhead.

Who wants to guess whether they're going to achieve the 25000 barrels / acre / year?


800 barrels of Crude per acre, at least according to the summary. 25,000 gallons of ethanol...

Comment Re:Politics (Score 1) 521


Yes I believe there are cost savings that could be made, however experience shows that is almost never managers that are removed. During the last conservative government (1979 - 1997) we had similar statements made by the tories on (in)efficiencies in the NHS, however during that period of time the amount of managers in the NHS increased faster than any other type of staff...

Comment Re:Lethal Weapon VII (Score 1) 448


From the article :
"Michael Williams admitted inciting sexual activity, grooming and distributing indecent images."
"He groomed them, asked some to perform sex acts over a webcam and arranged to meet others before abusing them"

So it would appear that there was far more than just grooming that occurred.

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