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Comment Surprised at the route (Score 2) 185

I thought someone would eventually come through and get some sort of Netflix working on Linux, but Silverlight working right was not at the top of my list. I was expecting either a dedicated and optimized "player" for the Android app or a port of the the ChromeOS version.

Comment VMware or VirtualBox (Score 4, Insightful) 361

Since you may be going cross platform at the host, either VMware or VirtualBox are good options. I've personally been using VirtualBox for a while and find it quite easy to use and being free is a nice perk too. Though I understand VMware Player(the free version of VMware) has grown in a a decent general purpose VM solution for simple desktop virtualization like it sounds like you'll be doing.


Submission + - Justice Department Accusess Apple, Publishers Over E-Book Pr (

An anonymous reader writes: According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple and Simon amp; Schuster, Hachette Book Group, Penguin Group, Macmillan, and HarperCollins are meeting with the department in order to avoid a legal action.

Comment Re:Side-loading (Score 1) 521

Hopefully they'll at least have a dev mode. Unless something has changed, you have to root your device and manually enable sideloading on the Nook Color to test you apps, even if you are an accepted developer.

Comment Re:Silk Browser (Score 1) 521

Can't say I really care for that at all. It's not 2003 any more. Modern devices have the horsepower to rerender pages if needed. I hope there's a way to turn that off. I really don't want Amazon mucking around with my web browsing.

Comment Re:Of course..... (Score 2) 75

They should go back to a freely downloadable, but unsupported version. Compared to enterprise level support from other vendors(Unix, Windows, etc) I don't think their pricing is that bad, but an easily accessible free version with no support would alleviate the headaches of waiting for CentOS and others to keep up. Fedora is nice, but it's too far removed from the main Red Hat release and can be unstable.

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