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Submission + - Mass Can Be 'Created' Inside Graphene (technologyreview.com) 1

planckscale writes: At the Saudi Center for Theoretical Physics in Saudi Arabia, physicists say the amazing properties of graphene now include the ability to create mass, according to a new prediction. The paper http://arxiv.org/abs/1010.3437 states that by folding the [graphene] sheet into a tube [fermions] acquire non-zero effective mass as they move along the tube axis. Could the ability to trivially create mass (or anti-mass) allow for exotic propulsion methods to be explored?

Comment LIGO (Score 1) 117

I wonder if the burst was close enough to LIGO for it to pick up a Gravity Wave? That's the theory anyway that gravity waves should be measurable in association with GRBs... But waves in the ocean travel much slower than the wind that creates them, so maybe there's a lag between the event and the actual measured wave.

Comment Tri-Tip (Score 1) 763

No one else has mentioned this cut, but I'm not overly suprised. Tri-Tip is huge (wildly popular)in California. In my limited travels, I haven't seen it much. It is an excellent cut and marinades very well. I enjoy it medium rare but rib-eyes are my favorite rare at the Tee-Off in Santa Barbara. Their RibEyes are ginormous! I digress. The only particular "style" Tri-tip I've found is the Santa Maria style with lots of seasoning. However, most like to put tri-tip on french rolls with lots of salsa or bbq sauce. I like it best on camping trips cooked over coals with no marinade, wheat tortillas, and lots of fresh tomato salsa and avocado.

Submission + - Li recharge time cut by oscillating current (technologyreview.com)

planckscale writes: By applying an oscillating electric field to a Lithium ion battery computational model, researchers have demonstrated exponentially faster recharge times than conventional methods. Although the effect could have dramatic ramifications for the battery industry, the method may damage batteries.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How to Counter a Domain Squatter? 3

pspahn writes: Recently, our small business has decided to finally put the "our website sucks" reality to bed. We are working hard on getting a modern, polished, and effective web site up and running. Today, however, it came to my attention that one of our local competitors (who has a history of stealing our innovations) has registered a domain name identical to ours except for "the" at the beginning. When arriving at their squatted domain, it implies to the user that we have gone out of business and then redirects them to their website (which is equally as crappy as ours).

After some brief research, it appears that there are two "legal" paths to follow. Hiring a lawyer or going through Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy. Both are somewhat cost prohibitive at this point, and it seems silly to have to fork over thousands of dollars to resolve something that has likely cost us plenty of business as it is. What alternative options do we have for resolving this? Can we send them a generic cease-and-desist? DMCA? Anonymous? Chinese flesh searchers? I'm hoping that we can employ some type of Barbara Streisand spin on this, as we have a long history of being an honest business that doesn't use these kind of deceptive practices to lure customers.

Comment natural? (Score 1) 183

So what I don't understand is if this particle would ever naturally occur? During the big bang? In a supernova? And if not then why continue to spend money and time on the task of building bigger and bigger particles? What use will they be if only to exist for a fraction of a second?

Comment Hey if it extends battery life... (Score 2, Interesting) 102

...I'm all for it. But by how much will it extend the battery life? And when they say it will "Drastically" change the notebook market I doubt that; netbooks folks won't care about 3D and Desktop Replacement folks don't care if their machine is plugged in. Mabye in a smaller segment of mobile gamers this will make a difference.

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