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Comment Re:Oh, look! (Score 1) 888

I find it quite logical... sending 200000 soldiers to war, and if 5000 die, that is indeed a "minimal" casualty rate.
Deaths resulting from terrorism, are all unacceptable, where 10 people dying is a large number and anything more than 100 can be termed a huge number of deaths, simply because the lowest "acceptable" level of casualty in terrorist attacks is zero.

Comment Organic only means carbon based and nothing more (Score 1) 141

The logic jump from there being possible organic matter on the moon, to the near-assumption that this organic matter is life-based or life-supporting was apparently made by the writer of the original article

While a lay person such as the reporter may claim ignorance of the difference between "carbon-based matter" and "carbon-based matter that supports or has come from live organisms", I am truly surprised at just how many non-humorous posts we have here on /. about life in space/on the moon/new intelligences etc.

Comment Re:How hard is it for a computer to do addition? (Score 1) 239

As stated by the GP, the "desire" for association is an auditing requirement and not really a personal request of the voter.

If you had access to the vote db such that you could take my unique identifier and associate it with my vote, would any kind of system be able to stop you from doing that? Your point has merit, but it is far from the current discussion.

Comment Re:How hard is it for a computer to do addition? (Score 1) 239

It's quite simple really.

Voting machine shows UI requesting the user's (voter's) vote. User chooses candidate. Voting machine registers an additional vote for user's candidate into the votes table. This vote is assigned a unique identifier. This identifier is printed onto a paper receipt which is provided to the voter. This can be later used to confirm that user's vote for candidate A was indeed registered for candidate A.

Just how hard is that?

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