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Comment Re:Other things learned (Score 1) 257

"Intelligence can find an answer. It takes Wisdom to determine if it's the *right* answer..."

So says the chaotic neutral, paranoid schizophrenic, dual-club wielding, donkey riding, zeppelin flying human fighter running around in my head speaking gnomish to his clubs who are telling him to chop the tree down to get the cat out of the branches.

Comment Re:Nope. Never. (Score 4, Informative) 395

Wow, I don't even know where to start dissecting the FAIL in your post.
  1. Some people write books for fun. Case in Point: NaNoWriMo. How many books have you written and published? (Why don't you go get ya shine box right now.)
  2. Some people write books that may be useful for some people, but have a very small niche market. For example I wrote a guitar book, though I really stretch the meaning of "wrote" with it since it's mostly a journal with some useful nuggets in the front. I know 3 people who've already thanked me for it because there wasn't much in the market for that already.
  3. I have 2 novels in first draft form that I plan on self-publishing through Lulu. Do they suck? well, right now yes because they're a rough draft, however when I publish them, I'm hoping they won't. I know enough talented people to help quite a bit with this sorta thing because...
  4. My wife runs Literaryescapism.com which is a book review site. She quite a few books per month, and my favorite out of all of them that I've read is Pulling Strings by P. Vera, and he's self published.
  5. To say we have no dignity because we self-publish is... more pathetic than anything. I really can't respond to someone who'd think that, I can only give you this advice:
  6. Never go full retard (again).

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