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Comment Luddites? (Score 1) 608

And they are immune due to their education and position? BS on that. I've had classes that could better be taught by a talking donkey. Sorry, you folks get the same bums rush we all do when technology hits us over the head. How much sympathy do teacher's unions typically have for auto workers or airline pilots when they strike? What goes around comes around.

Comment Nowadays.. (Score 1) 121

The irony here is rich and creamy. Jobs and iTunes made the bluebox-like act of downloading music for 'free' an act of unspeakable violence, at least if you ask the lawyers of the RIAA or Apple. So, where will the next Jobs get the thrills needed to motivate them to greatness? Probably where we expect it the least.

Comment Fast is great, but.. (Score 2) 82

It's density+cost per bit that will change things. PCM is still orders of magnitude slower than SRAM and DRAM and the Memristor (HP) may still beat it to market for the aforementioned parameters. Nice that so many irons are in the fire to retire spinning rust, can't happen soon enough for me.

Submission + - Microsoft launches games for iOS and Andriod but n (dbune.com)

dbune writes: For the upcoming festive season, Microsoft has launched 2 games for the iPhone and an app for the Android. And the irony, Microsoft failed to launch the same games for their Windows based phones. The Windows phone users are up in arms against Microsoft for such an oversight. The disgruntled users feel...

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 762

Well, good or not, my reasons for subscribing to SyFy just ended too. Tired of crap ghost series and wrestling. Looks like there's just no interest in SCIENCE fiction in Hollywood anymore, just fantasy and occult. And wrestling. Oh joy..

Deodorant Sought to Save New Zealand's Native Birds 102

New Zealand researchers have received a NZ$600,000 grant to develop a deodorant for native birds whose strong odors make them easy targets for introduced predators. Since the birds evolved without any mammal predators they emit a very strong odor compared to birds in other parts of the world. Canterbury University researcher Jim Briskie says kiwis smell like mushrooms or ammonia, while kakapo parrots have a hint of "musty violin case."

Comment Re:Two Stupid People (Score 2, Informative) 291

Amen. And wasn't Kernell's dad a bigwig in the local Democratic party? Wonder if he was put up to it and hung out to dry afterwards. "No problem, if he's caught, they'll just let him go because he's a kid.." Going through other folk's emails is dirty business - I know, I had to do it as a sysadmin many moons ago and about barfed on what I found.

Comment Re:And Europe can let get in their say.... (Score 1) 334

I'm betting that Larry ends up taking the passive-aggressive path in that he makes all the right noises, divests some part of MySQL and completes the deal with Sun. Afterwards, he can do whatever he wants (he usually does in any case..) and his business plans are unaffected. He has to allow Neelie Kroes (EU competitiveness czar) her pound of (childish and unfounded) flesh if he want's this deal done. It's sad that this has devolved into a pissing match from what was a straight forward business deal. The real losers are the Sun employees worldwide and those with scads of Sun-related experience on their resume's. I guess this is how IBM gets their revenge for being cuckholded by Oracle. Pity.

Comment ..you don't belong here, do you? (Score 1) 1354

Found my Wife of 20 years at a Mensa convention (yes, really). She was the one who looked like 1) she didn't really belong there and 2) she was easily as smart as anyone else there. 3 weird and wonderful children and 20+ years later we have happiness. I suggest you look for social activity among those who share the same interests/values - wherever/whatever that is. H8s

Comet Unexpectedly Brightens a Millionfold 276

swordgeek writes "Comet 17P/Holmes, a relatively obscure and (until a few days ago) dim object, has suddenly flared to be literally a million times brighter, going from magnitude 18 to 2.8. It is just outside of the constellation Perseus, which puts it high in the sky and ideal for viewing at this time of year. The comet still appears starlike even in binoculars but should grow to several arcminutes across over the next few nights. The comet is now readily visible to the naked eye. This is a completely unexpected once-in-a-lifetime event, so get out your finest optics (even if it's just your eyes) and go comet watching!"

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