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Comment Re:conventional malware = windows malware (Score 1) 234

Windows is not intended to be used in life-critical situations such as medical hardware or nuclear reactor control. It's right there in capital letters in the EULA.

Someone's being a cheapskate here and decided to use windows instead of paying to develop a custom medical OS.

Why develop a custom medical OS. Just about anything is more appropriate than Windows. There's QNX, LynuxWorks etc.

Comment Re:Difference between adding and subtracting (Score 2) 85

What does work more effectively on Wikipedia is "promoting the bad" by using weak sources or completely mus-representing, or making up, what the sources say (whoever checks a reference is being used properly for a relatively unknown organisation anyway) and "hiding the good". This is because people are generally more sensitised to shilling, probably because it happens more often, than they are to a psychopath owning an article.

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