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Comment Re:FU HP (Score 1) 231

Buying paper plates is also an investment. An investment in employees--in their loyalty, in their work ethic: in short, an investment in the products they will be producing, which is an investment in customer confidence, which means customer loyalty, which means long-term payoff that you can't get with these kinds of marketshare-buyout tricks.

Comment Re:I can tell you how much it could cost (Score 1) 925

Quite honestly, I'd gladly give $2000 of my cash per year to the government if it meant I could count on getting health care, no matter what. $2000 is small potatoes compared to what one gets charged for even the most basic of hospital visits.... The fact that I'm also ensuring the welfare of others is just a moral icing on the cake.


Submission + - MS Wants to Identify All Web Surfers, All the Time

Moochman writes: New Scientist reports on a technology Microsoft is developing to identify users based on their browsing habits. Quote: "The software could get its raw information from a number of sources, including a new type of 'cookie' program that records the pages visited. Alternatively, it could use your PC's own cache of web pages, or proxy servers could maintain records of sites visited. So far it can only guess gender and age with any accuracy," but the aim is to be able to identify name, occupation and location as well. On a related note, The Inq reports on Microsoft's plans to widen the use of its identity-verification technology CardSpace, which is built into Windows Vista and available as an add-on to XP. It's being envisioned as an identity solution for the entire internet: says Kim Cameron, pioneer of the technology, "We feel it has to solve all use cases." (Aha, so the anonymous use cases, too, eh?) One might ask, with all of this user-identification information on hand, how long will it be until the Feds come knocking on Microsoft's door asking for help? They already have.

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