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Comment Re:Limitations (Score 4, Informative) 85

The plastics you'd use in a 3D printer aren't going to work all that well compared to the plastics they use for example in Glocks. Not to mention you'd still need to machine the trigger assembly, magazine well, safety assembly, fire select, etc.

Would be nice to be able to make custom grips and stocks but that plastic crap (relatively speaking) the 3D printers use isn't worth it. We tried making a test Glock grip (solid even, no magazine well) and a 4 lb weight. Snapped the grip in half easily. Perhaps with some heat treatment or additional additives in the plastic (baking it perhaps) might make the plastic work better but right now, it's too ... brittle... I guess is the best term. The problem is the way the printer prints, the bond isn't very good between layers base when force is applied perpendicular to the printing plane. Our test grips all break along the plane of the printing. We did another test where we printed out a grip with an approximate magazine well and fitted in a hollow metal slip in there to see if that would shore it up. It just cracks around the metal slip. I think baking it might help with the layers bonding together better but for those of us hoping to get custom grips, stocks, ammo and magazine containers etc are going to have to wait a bit longer. We even tried rotating the print so the plane was rotate 90 degrees and out test pendulum just kept snapping the grip either to the left or right depending on where it hit.

Once someone figures out how to do a fluro polymer type plastic in a 3D printer then we can get some real utility printing done.

Comment Hey Perspective People (Score 2) 680

Hey lets put this in perspective, remember all the people that were murdered by Christian extremists when Mel Gibson made that Passion of the Christ film? And lets not forget all those that died when the Last Temptation of Christ was released. Don't forget those murdered in the name of Christ when Andrew Loyd Webber released Jesus Christ Superstars and certainly have a moment of peace for those murdered every time South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Comic Artists featured Jesus. I mean don't you remember the "Dogma" massacres as a result of of that film? When Penny Arcade featured Jesus as Metal don't you remember the number of attempts on their lives?

It's a religion of peace people, lets keep this in perspective. Don't let a small, vocal, organized, group of extremists pain a picture of a religion is evil. I am certain those responsible will be arrested by their fellow Muslims and prosecuted for murder by their fellow Muslims.

Now the question you have to ask, "am I being sarcastic, or playing this comment straight?"

Comment Re:flight model (Score 1) 121

No real space battles would happen at long distances. It would be too easy for counter-measures to be deployed at those ranges. At 1000 miles firing two missiles at opposing ships the counter-measures (either opposing missiles, flack, etc) would have several minutes to intercept and make adjustments. At a million, they'd have hours of making minor ( 1 degree) adjustments to intercept. The exception to this rule would be if laser weapons are involved. With conventional ballistics, not really an option for long range engagement. There is a funny but oddly realistic lecture in Mass Effect about shooting a projectile in space that also explains why long range engagements are not a real option. We're not even getting into gravity, plotting an accurate shot over a milion miles would have to account for every object of significant mass between the origin and target. Impractical at best.

Comment Simple (Score 1) 197

When you were a child you played cowboy and indians or cops and robbers. Eventually the argument broke out "I shot you\no you didn't" and thus the first rules of RPGs was born. The actions were abstracted into semi-random determinations. You got two dice out and the highest roll wins.

Once that was done, like any game objectives were added. Rules were added to support resolving objects. RPGs progressed.

Then we needed a narrative to tie together the objectives and quests were born.

The rest is refinement to those basic cores.

Comment Two Words (Score 1) 544

Intellectual Sharecropping

"If we cannot own people, we'll own their thoughts and charge them for the privilege of thinking."
"The chains of bondage can be forged from more then iron and steel."
"Imagination is a dangerous force that allows people to dream of a better world without us."
"The most important factor in tyranny is to ensure a high cost of challenging it."

Comment I'm confused (Score 1) 1065

So this guy engages in espionage, breaks international protocol and violates the confidentiality of the Diplomatic Bag, and people actually expect governments to let him go free? Wikileaks has already cost lives by not consistently redacting names in their publications. As far as I am concerned a rape charges is the least of his worries.

Comment Change your secret question and answers (Score 1) 340

"...the answer to a personal security question, and information relating to Mobile and Dial-In Authenticators..."

Bluntly now they have an email and an sample of your secret question. Given a question of "What is your Mother's Maiden Name" then script kiddies now have your email address and one of your potential secret question responses. WTF wouldn't you hash the answers....

They now have an email address, your phone number, a secret answer response. Christ all might Activision.... way to fuck up. Now ever script kiddie with that data dump is going to spam every major site with those email address and now with at least one potential secret question response... just wow...

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