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Comment Re:Apple should handle but it's Skype's fault (Score 2, Informative) 177

First of all, please check your facts before making such a broad assumptions. Application need to be configured in particular way in order to be invocable via URL in iOS. I will be surprised if 1 in 1000 applications in Apple iTunes App Store using this functionality. Secondary, It is 100% application responsibility to act "properly" when invoked via URL. All iOS does is firing app and informing it that it was invoked via URL. Skype choose to start call without getting confirmation from the user. Too bad for Skype.

Comment end-user mostly dont care what OS is running (Score 2, Insightful) 325

Unless there is some "OMG I Absolutely Have To Have This" Application which is avilable only on Chrome OS, 99.999% of iPad users will see no reason to even think about it. Lets face if, MS Windows had some horrible usability problems and still most of the people never bother to look around for something better. And in case of iOS vs. Chrome - at best we have toss up.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 1) 384

1) very small % of WoW players heard about glider and even smaller % ever used it
2) huge part of WoW experience is well balanced economy, bots (and gold sellers) really screwing economy - hence negatively affecting every WoW player.
3) from my understanding how glider works - it is VERY hard for Blizzard (or even impossible) to automate process of detecting accounts which uses glider.

Bottom Line: Blizzard has only 3 options:
1) Ignore the problem and have WoW experienced worsened for many "legit" users,
2) Try to make it impossible to implement glider like functionality,
3) Sue any company which trying to bring gliders to the WoW.

Blizzard can not live with option #1 - unhappy customers liable to leave. They trying to work on #2, but when you run on something as insecure as Windows, it is quite futile. So the only thing left - sue them.

And they do have good case against MDY. Glider work in very much the same way as some more sofisticated viruses (the only difference, is that Glider does all "bad" things in memory only).

Comment Re:How many issues caused by Apple's restrictions? (Score 1) 240

Actually, Safari on iPhone supports Java Script exceptionally well. If you read carefully, Apple explicitly allow JS in WebKit container. I have tried Opera for few hours - and went back to Safari. Unless you are on Edge - the speed difference is negligible and really there is no any other benefits to compel me to switch from Safari.

Comment Re:health insurance is like auto insurance now (Score 5, Informative) 2424

this is not true. take a look at this If you sort by amount of contributions, you will see that health care industry spread its $$$ almost evenly between Dem and Rep. Also, you will see that amount of contributions from healthcare industry does not really correlate with Yes/No vote on HCR.

Comment Re:drugs are bad, mmkay? (Score 0, Troll) 147

Do you really believe that legalizing pot will bring any measurable improvements to US? There are thousands other problems which need to be solved before we even get to the point when thinking about legalizing marijuana should appear at the very end of our TODO list. If you start with pot, the only possible result is even further polarization of US population (and congress) which will make it even more difficult to make anything happen.

Comment Re:Shut up (Score 1) 265

This is NOT story about some "little person" who gets his/here account cancelled. This is a story about bank censoring business because some one with power to cancel account does not like what this particular business doing. It does not matter what kind of business it is. The question is, unless business does something illegal, how is it bank's business to pass judgement?

Comment Qualification to be on Jury for patent case (Score 2, Interesting) 227

To be allowed to do most of the things in this world, you have to meet some qualifications. How come that people can sit on Jury which sometimes deal with multi $100Ms verdicts without understanding anything about problems involved? Most of patent cases are based on "prior art" or luck of it. You have to be able to understand a LOT of things to be able to see that something was (or was not) prior art. I am sure that Marshal, TX is wonderful city, but I have serious doubts that it has many citizens who are up to speed with all modern technologies to be able to serve efficiently on Jury bench in all these patent cases. Andrei

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