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Comment Re:Uh (Score 5, Insightful) 725

Imagine that you were just imagining that this might happen. Would you act on your imagination?

Also imagine that your wife sleepwalked to the kitchen drawer, picked up an pair of scissors and stabbed you in the eye while you slept.

Imagine your dog attacking you and killing you in front of your children.

I suggest you first take care of the clear and imminent danger presented by your wife and dog and maybe then consider wikileaks.

Still not convinced?

SUDO imagine you have a wife and a dog...

Comment Re:hosted maybe (Score 1) 225

The point is it's not important who hosts the data. It's important who owns the subscribers.

"Owning" a large number of subscribers allows to manipulate what gets shown and how fast and therefore charge for it.

I'm sure it would be also possible to charge to "disappear" certain sites, indie media outlets etc. from the "internet" as seen by said subscribers.

Right now, AT&T can easily censor the internet for a huge number of iphones. Comcast, Verizon and Earthlink are not exactly beyond this either.

Guess where your tax dollars may go next.

Comment Re:In The Name of The Father, The Son, & Teh F (Score 0, Redundant) 308

Understand? If you are talking of the details of a specific religion... Too many imaginary friends, too little time.

If you are talking of the essence of "religion," it's easy: Evil old men drunk on power burning everyone and everything in their way, getting off on raping children, corrupting as many innocent souls as possible.

Where would the devil hide if not in church. What would the devil have you believe about god if not that it's separate from you?? What would the devil have you believe about yourself if not that there's something wrong with you?

Anyone who tries to stand between you and your divinity is selling you shit.

Comment Re:How do you anticipate weak points (Score 1) 412

U.S. 16 year olds != trained/brainwashed jihad "warriors."

I tend to think "the people who flew the 4 airplanes on 9/11" are a. not very well known to us (in fiction vs. fact kind of way) and b. they were probably feeling like warriors sacrificing for a "just cause"... as they were programmed to. After all they gave their lives... so they must've believed something was more important.

P.S. All soldiers are programmed/brainwashed in order to be able to kill fellow human beings without immediate severe emotional trauma.

Comment Re:Already used in the UK (Score 1) 545

Exactly. And just a reminder,

It wouldn't take too long before you'd have a sizable underclass which would have no rights, but still be able to do various manual labour jobs. It wouldn't very much different than slavery.

How is usury not creating slavery? How does most of the land being property of a very few people not lead to slavery? You are born and must work in order to have a place to live, for the right to occupy space. Then you borrow money for something and must return more for what you borrowed, so you must work more.

How is this not (wage) slavery for most?

You may want to see this for how slavery really works:

Comment Re:Already used in the UK (Score 1) 545

So I guess in your mind "liberal" == "someone who's paying attention".

Could very well be the case... in many minds.

Also, I would suggest "liberal" == "someone who questions practices based on cruelty and power over other people"

Choosing "Conservatism" is linked with experiencing harsh authority figures during childhood enforcing obedience by means of cruelty and torture (refusing children basic needs like connection, approval, attention, understanding as a means of enforcing obedience is emotional torture as many of these are linked to the sense of survivial. Using physical violence on children as a means of enforcing obedience is, well, just torture).

For "liberal mind" someone needing help == someone needing help == they ought to be helped.
For "conservative mind" someone needing help == someone weak, undisciplined and therefore undeserving of what they need == they should be taught a "tough lesson." (which is how the "Conservative mind" was trained out of compassion and empathy after all, so the template is internalized)

For more see George Lakoff's lecture on Moral Politics:

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