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Comment Re:One word: adblock (Score 1) 422

You may want to apply some critical thinking to your questions before you ask them

The one who doesn't apply critical thinking here is you. I don't see how free content can continue to exist without advertising. The reason I asked was that I thought that perhaps you had dedicated sometime to think about consequences but I see that the only conclusion you reached is akin to "fuck it, I'll just do what's best for me at moment", a truly reliable time tested strategy.

Comment Re:Ads? What ads? (Score 3, Insightful) 419

This is such a weird, one-sided view of the Internet. I'm already paying for my connection. Why should I pay the costs of the sites I visit, too

This is such a stupid comment.

I already paid for my house, now I need pay for furniture?

I already paid for my car, now I need pay for parking?

I already paid for my phone, now I need pay for for every call I make?

Comment Re:Ads? What ads? (Score 1) 419

My moral guidance unit tells me it's ok with this

You are using the good old guidance also known as "I only care about me". No problem here. However, I would assume that in your normal day to day life you probably do not enjoy hanging out with with egoistic people. Hypocrisy?

Anyway, your system only works because your visits are "funded" by those who do not block ads. If everyone followed your moral guidance and advise ad supported sites will go bankrupt or change to a pay model. Since the average person usually follows the "I only care about me" philosophy I think it's a safe bet to assume that the only reason most people don't block ads is because of ignorance of the feature. So, people like you and the AC who enjoy posting juvenile comments like "ads, there are ads on the internet!?" (and I've seen these comments almost everywhere online ads are mentioned, never mind if ad blocking is discussed) are actively shortening this grace period where you can have your cake(visits sites) and eat it too(no ads or payments necessary)

So we have hypocrisy and stupidity. Oh well...

Comment Re:No AdBlock? No Chrome for me. (Score 1) 291

I simply don't visit sites with intrusive advertising.

You see, when you visit a site with Adblock you aren't really sending the site owners the right message. What you are doing is hoping that those who don't use Adblock keep "funding" your visits to that site. This, coupled with the childish "No Ad block?!, me no use!" posts every time Chrome is mentioned, means that you are cutting the same branch you are sitting on.

Yes, it's a selfish world. I am sure you recognize that. Do you like selfish people? I know I don't so I usually try not to act the same as those I criticize. If everyone would do the same we might have a chance, if they won't, at least I am letting myself feel a little better inside.

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