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Comment You're Fine on App. Languages (Score 1) 569

Really. Focus on tuning your database knowledge a bit. Adding SQL and PL/SQL to your resume will certainly help. You likely won't find a job that doesn't expect some database proficiency. I don't disagree that having C#/.Net may be helpful. Of course that depends on the market in your area. But you should be able to find a job with the languages you already know. Finally, figure out a way to grow some experience. That's not easy, but doable with a little effort. Show that you are trying to utilize your newly learned skills. No employer is going to expect a new grad to be able to be fully productive. However we* do like to see grads that have tried to apply their skills in the real world, no matter how small an example.

*Since everyone adds a reason why you should listen to them, guess I will too. I'm the managing director over a software development group of about 120 people. Oh yeah, with about 15 years of industry experience.

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