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Comment Stalin (Score 1) 527

Seriously? You're comparing Jobs to Hitler?

Can we compare Stallman to a rather unsuccessful Stalin, then? "Free the Software! Software belongs to the people! Death to the bourgeoisie!" Here, I'm imagining lines of starving programmers waiting for their bread ration, and clunky, Soviet-esque software running on oversized computers.

Comment Re:Consoles are the set top boxes not tvs (Score 1) 82

Define "meaningful".

I use my iPhone to make calls, send texts, take and send photos, connect through social media. As a pocket communication device, that fits the meaning perfectly.

I use my MacBook to do graphic design and digital photography.

I use my Apple TV to stream media to my TV, which is what it was designed for.

Comment They'll stick around... (Score 1) 98

The collectors market will certainly disappear, but Lego won't (unless they're foolish and bank on the collectors market.)

Parents will always buy their kids Lego, because it's a fun and creative toy with universal appeal. Your average parent doesn't give a damn about the collectability of Lego, just that it will keep their kid occupied with something constructive.

Comment Re:My mongrel system... (Score 2) 115

Some people appreciate industrial design. Some people don't. It's like how the ugly "beige box" ruled the industry for decades, and some people still have them and say "it works just fine."

This is not a put-down, just a statement of fact.

In any case, it's not putting form over function, it's a matter of form complementing function.

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