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Comment Re:No contribution = whining about a gift (Score 5, Insightful) 458

So basically what you're saying is that in order to have any right to complain about open source software you have to have knowledge, experience, and skill in programming? Because when you say "Why don't you submit a patch?", that's what you're implying.

Newsflash: Not every user of FOSS software knows how to program. Nor should they need to know. Unless you want it to turn into some sort of exclusive little club, in which case the worldwide share of Linux would drop by a good 99%.

Users aren't complaining because they want to be whiny or difficult. They're complaining because they see a flaw. If you want your software to be widely accepted, listen. If your software is just coding for self satisfaction, and you don't care about user adoption, then don't listen.

Comment Stalin (Score 1) 527

Seriously? You're comparing Jobs to Hitler?

Can we compare Stallman to a rather unsuccessful Stalin, then? "Free the Software! Software belongs to the people! Death to the bourgeoisie!" Here, I'm imagining lines of starving programmers waiting for their bread ration, and clunky, Soviet-esque software running on oversized computers.

Comment Re:Consoles are the set top boxes not tvs (Score 1) 82

Define "meaningful".

I use my iPhone to make calls, send texts, take and send photos, connect through social media. As a pocket communication device, that fits the meaning perfectly.

I use my MacBook to do graphic design and digital photography.

I use my Apple TV to stream media to my TV, which is what it was designed for.

Comment They'll stick around... (Score 1) 98

The collectors market will certainly disappear, but Lego won't (unless they're foolish and bank on the collectors market.)

Parents will always buy their kids Lego, because it's a fun and creative toy with universal appeal. Your average parent doesn't give a damn about the collectability of Lego, just that it will keep their kid occupied with something constructive.

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