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Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 349

I love it. Gullibility by design (TM), the new prescription. The disturbing part of the equation is that price is part of the effect, so I'd expect that a 50$ pill could have a bigger placebo effect than a 5$ pill of identical composition, provided that the patients know it.

This is in fact true - more expensive placebos are more effective than cheaper ones (well, ones that the patient believe are more expensive).

Comment Re:Before we act too hastily.. (Score 1) 342

If you find our tactics heavy handed or obtrusive then I think you might have a skewed and excessively open expectation of what should be allowed on a network.

Not really - I just think you have a unwarranted faith in the effectiveness of antivirus products to prevent abberent behaviour. The best AV does not detect all malware, and no AV will do well against zeroday attacks. A better policy (for the clueless user who got themselves into the situation in the first place) would be to ensure that the machine is patched automatically, it has automatically updating antivirus software, and probably something against spyware installed too. Basically if you are going to take it upon youself to insist that the user installs security software (to the point of bringing in a receipt from a "professional") do it properly.

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