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Comment Re:Clip (Score 1) 1862

"But it is a depressing argument that because you can't make something perfect you shouldn't try to make it better."

Fair enough. Problem is that "making it better" is not necessarily what any new regulations actually accomplish.

I wish laws came with empirically testable predictions, which if turned out to be false, would automatically cancel the law.

Comment Re:Libertarian here.. (Score 1) 592

"We're in a recession at the moment"

Actually, we're not. Technically, the US recession ended in 2009, when the GDP started growing again.

"The ultimate idea is to keep employment up - the more people working, the fewer that need welfare support."

Except for those who are working are doing so by virtue of work-for-welfare.

Comment Re:Libertarian here.. (Score 1) 592

"We need about 30% more revenue to balance the budget right now"

I think it's closer to 50%, and that's just for the current year's deficit, with no repayment of the accumulated debt principal. At least that's not mathematically impossible for now; twenty years of entitlement growths later though, who knows.

"Anything wrong with [work-for-welfare]?"

Dunno; the left generally hates it, which is a good sign :-). It'd have to pay below-minimum-wage to meet your criteria of not competing with the private sector.

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