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Comment Re:Wow (Score 2, Informative) 144

That's a genuinely good point, I wonder if Sony would help them out on this or if they are getting the old one or what?
I don't have much of a use for linux on mine TBH, it was far too goddamn slow (and I'm no linux guru) it really does need 1gb or more of ram, then she'd be fine.
That being said, sucks for researchers who wanted this.

Comment Re:Snow Leopard, finally. (Score 2, Interesting) 225

Inkscape on Snow Leopard has been hideously broken for months now.

If you want to do any serious graphics work, I'd recommend using Windows instead, the majority of graphics applications "just work" on it and there is not as many backwards compatibility issues forcing you to upgrade constantly in Windows as there is in OS X. There isn't even a 64bit version of most graphics applications for OS X (this includes Photoshop) due to Apple's policies on what APIs and languages you can use to make 64bit GUIs.

Comment Don't worry: your kids will. (Score 1) 352

There's nothing like a screen that even remotely appears to respond to viewer interaction to get children involved. They won't tell you this, of course, but you'll know immediately by the trails of peanut butter, jelly, ketchup and various bodily emissions left as bookmarks in their favorite places on your console. Trust me on this.


Submission + - Suspicion on the FCC's Broadband Over Power Lines (arstechnica.com)

eldavojohn writes: Ars has a nice little post on the curious events surrounding the death of broadband over power lines (BPL). Trials and advances have been discussed on Slashdot many times but the Federal Communications Commission's go ahead has now been called into question by the American Radio Relay League who used a FOIA request to obtain non-redacted documents. The ARRL is concerned with receiver interference in their HAM radio operations and would like to see BPL stopped. These documents have interesting data points and other analysis that may cast doubt on BPL. After a federal court took a look at the FCC's study, a DC Court of Appeals judge noted, 'there is little doubt that the Commission deliberately attempted to exclude from the record evidence adverse to its position.'

Comment One to watch closely (Score 1) 3

As straight technology, this is great: easy familiarizing exposure to Linux for the Windows users who fear the unfamiliar, and a blowout end-run around MS's restrictive agreements with OEMs on what OSes are allowed where. That said, the BIOS vendors are typically biased towards proprietary exclusivity, so I'll be inclined to be wary. How open-source will that HyperSpace environment (the apps and applets running on Linux) be? Or, more likely, how hard will it be to jailbreak it so one's choice of apps can be loaded in from an USB drive instead? This looks like a nice subtle screw-you to Windows, as long as it's not just as much a screw-you to FOSS.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Phoenix BIOSOS? (technologyreview.com) 3

jhfry writes: An interesting development by an unexpected source, Phoenix Technologies is releasing a Linux based, virtualization enabled, BIOS based OS for computers (Technology Review). They implemented a full Linux distro right on the BIOS chips, and using integrated virtualization technology it "allows PCs and laptops to hot-switch between the main operating system, such as Windows, and the HyperSpace environment." So essentially they are "trying to create a new market using the ideas of a fast-booting, safe platform that people can work in, but remain outside of Windows."

Comment Re:Maybe I am just lucky.... (Score 1) 688

What if I intend to stop spending so much so that I'll be able to make the payments? Maybe I decided that the new car I really wanted was a bit more expensive than the one I'd thought I would be getting, but that I can make up the difference by eating out less often. That sounds like a reasonable plan to me. Of course, you might want some evidence for whether or not I can / will actually manage to do that. Perhaps something like a credit history. You'll find that potential creditors care about not only your credit score but things like a recent pay stub or other proof of income.

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