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Comment Re:As One of the Hacked (Score 1) 141

As another hacked reader, yeah I'm unhappy about this too. Considering that I was donating to wikileaks before, this is just painful.

Stratfor's just come out with their email, 8pm, not great, but here we are. They've done the standard 1yr prepaid monitoring service for identity theft.

I looked around to verify that my CC was actually breached (who knows, maybe it was a card I've already canceled?), but all the primary copies of the CC list seem inaccessible. It'd be lovely if they were taken down before I become collateral damage in all this, but it hasn't exactly been a lucky week.

Canceling the card, and watching the account like a hawk. It's all we can do, and hopefully it's enough.

Comment YES. Obviously. (Score 1) 520

On your resume, it'll read like this:

I finished school, and interviewed. While every reasonable CS student on the planet, especially in 2011, can get an actual programming gig, I couldn't. So I took a glorified Geek-Squad gig instead*.

* It doesn't matter what the actual job was. It's in IT and not programming, it'll be read the same as geek squad.

Comment Re:If they told you ... (Score 1) 175

.. Fox isn't going to outrank the AP article they're syndicating. For U.s. political news (where they do their most reporting), they're on -- right now, they're on 6 different news items.

As for yanking videos off of youtube, it's the customer base flagging it. You can argue that google shouldn't yank unpopular videos, but people marking it as offensive (or hate speech) is hard to ignore.

Comment Re:Goal of the PhD work? (Score 2, Informative) 88

Hello, I couldn't find another way to contact you, so here we are.

I'm finishing up a PhD in scalability & performance analysis, and have done a lot of work in instrumentation. A userland instrumentation tool is part of my final research. Instrumentation is in a terrible, terrible state -- save a few points of light -- and I'm happy to see someone else in this area!!

So, as you're starting out, some tips:

1) If you haven't already done so, investigate dtrace. While available on Mac OS & FreeBSD, it's worth picking up a virtual machine image of opensolaris & playing with it there.

2) Pick up a copy of: R. Jain, "The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis: Techniques for Experimental Design, Measurement, Simulation, and Modeling," Wiley- Interscience, New York, NY, April 1991, ISBN:0471503361. It's my new Bible.

Good luck, and hit me up if you'd like to chat. For my email address, I'm [my first name].[my last name]


Comment Re:Finally, something to do with this phone (Score 5, Interesting) 139


I had an iPhone before my N900, and frankly I adore the N900. It's fast, responsive, and it's easy to understand what's going on. If the music's skipping (which happened on both devices), I pull up top, then renice my music player. If I want a nice note-taking program, I just run emacs & org-mode on it. Then I'll 'git push' those notes for my other machines. I use citrix to run an app at work (note: despite what the website says, it doesn't actually require motif). The map program (not the stock one, but one you can download a package for) is utterly fantastic. I even have a subway map for my city.

Really, advanced users of the iPhone really just want a mobile computer, with a phone tacked on. The UI on the N900 is pretty good, and it does what I want with few problems, and many, many wonderful plusses over the iPhone platform.

Also, it has a keyboard, replaceable battery, and flash :-) I can stream full-screen flash videos in a cab.

Comment Re:The question is flawed... (Score 1) 374

I wholeheartedly agree. IMHO the real issue here is that the GPL was satisfied as far as any developer cares -- the source. Users trying to hack up their devices weren't satisfied. I'm fine with that arrangement. I think most dev's understand the business side of software, and the mix of closed/open to make it work out well.

I don't see any part of the GPL requiring that you open up hardware using GPL'd software, which appears to be the logical jump the poster's trying to make. Quite a terrible jump! Who'd want to use GPL software in their products? Who'd want to use products with crap closed-source hacked-together system software? IMHO most shops that ship Linux kernels on their hardware do it b/c they don't have the resources or motivation to make an equivalent-quality version themselves. If they couldn't use Linux, they'd shove complete crap in there instead.

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