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Comment Re:No underpowered laptops (Score 1) 53

Name one that isn't either hobbled with poor hardware or poor interface. Or one that is really hackable.

The Archos Internet Tablet almost hits the sweet spot for me... but even the Android implementation on it is neutered and not fully open.

I want something that takes the phone form factor, but whose primary purpose isn't phone. The iPhone/droid/touch of the world are nearly that but sadly tied to a carrier.

Think slightly bigger than iPhone, smaller than CrunchPad. Big enough to be useful but small enough to pocket and have with you at all times.

Comment No underpowered laptops (Score 1) 53

I don't want an underpowered laptop or a netbook. It's stupid. If i want a fragile gadget that takes it's own bag to carry around, I will carry my regular laptop.
What I want is a phone size appliance. I have an iPhone and it does most of what I want out of a mobile device.

What I want in addition to what the iphone offers:
Slightly larger screen
Open platform (like android), no restrictions, fully hackable.
Phone/device not tied to any carrier (most important)

Give me that, and I will gladly pay real money for it.

Comment Re:Tragically, We Cannot Afford This Now (Score 4, Informative) 260

I am hard-pressed to think of any great advances in knowledge that were not already known from by the time the cruddy but long-surviving MIR burned up in the atmosphere.
I hate it when people like you pull the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately schtick. Listen, just because you can't think of anything doesn't mean there isn't useful science coming out of NASA EVERY DAY.

You should look at the NASA Spinoff page.

NASA is pushing the state of the art in materials, robotics, communications, structural engineering, environment and many others. Things that have real-world impact on our lives today. It's not just Tang and Velcro.

The ISS, despite all it's flaws and short comings, gives us lessons every day in how to survive and thrive in the harshest of all environments. It will give us the technology and know-how to do longer range and longer duration missions than were ever before possible.

Comment Re:is that all? (Score 3, Funny) 98

Ah... well, hell. Why didn't you say so??

*picard voice*
COMPUTER! Reflangulate the intertank, recalibrate the L16 connectors for the overboard vent pad, then halve the current to the flare dampener in the flare stack to compensate for the excess vented hydrogen. Bake on 350 for 20 minutes and allow to cool!
*end picard vioce*


Submission + - Eight Financial Reasons Why You Should Use Mac OS ( 1

truthsearch writes: "For many years companies have been analyzing and debating the total cost of ownership for various operating systems. Once an investment is made it can be very expensive to switch. With Vista potentially raising the cost of Windows TCO, CIO magazine lists eight financial reasons why businesses should consider Mac OS. Among the reasons: overall value proposition, cheaper licensing fees, less help desk calls, less manual patching, and increased worker productivity."

Submission + - New FingerprintingTechnique to Reveal Race and Sex ( 1

Tech.Luver writes: "Telegraph reports, " A new fingerprinting technique that can identify the race and sex, and possibly the diet of suspects has been developed. Scientists have shown that using a gelatine-based gel and high-tech chemical analysis can provide significant clues to a person?s identity even if police do not hold existing fingerprint records. ""

Submission + - Chernobyl Mushrooms Feeding on Radiation

cowtamer writes: According to a National Geographic Article certain fungi can use ionizing radiation to perform "radiosynthesis" using the pigment melanin (the same one in our skin that protects us from UV radiation). It is speculated that this might be useful on long space voyages where energy from the Sun is not readily available.

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