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Submission + - New FingerprintingTechnique to Reveal Race and Sex ( 1

Tech.Luver writes: "Telegraph reports, " A new fingerprinting technique that can identify the race and sex, and possibly the diet of suspects has been developed. Scientists have shown that using a gelatine-based gel and high-tech chemical analysis can provide significant clues to a person?s identity even if police do not hold existing fingerprint records. ""
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New FingerprintingTechnique to Reveal Race and Sex

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  • The article didn't say how accurate the guesswork on sex, diet, or ethnic background is. That would be really interesting to know. Is it just a moderately increased liklihood that a profile meets a certain gender/ethnic combination, or is it highly indicative. It will be interesting to follow up on this in a year.

    Personally, I distrust the government with new technologies for law enforcement, though. They always seem to find a way to abuse them.

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