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Comment No (Score 0) 430

I'll shop from Tanzania, and The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. And also buy my medical supplies through a holographic replicator, and also buy shoes from Morocco, pants exclusively from Ukraine, and ear plugs from Sweden (I do love club music. but boy do they play a bit too much of it up there, so they must have some world class ear plugs)... I also plan on purchasing pewter dishes from that long lost country, Pewterland, and my Vulcan Mind Meld trainer from the CIA's real base in Namibia (We KNOW you're aliens, and we know Namibia stands for New Agency Men In Black Is Alive).... DC's reconstructed already, they didnt understand Cuba had already been DC once, so their attempts to 'relocate' DC again were thwarted (You're welcome), so now we have a REAL CIA I'll be buying my spy goods from. Furthermore, I'm going back to a paperless paper system, and going to have all my statements sent to me in a hologram, which will seem real, but still be paperless,since it's all electronic. ANd of course, I'll buy the best watch in the world from Switzerland. IT's the Swatch watch, of course. I'll purchase my real dolls, of course, from the US, we do have the most fantastic looking selection of women on the planet, and I'll rotate through them as I usually do. The Stepford Wives aint got nothing on DirectBuy's selection of Prime US grade 'A' female slaves, that's fo sho!

Comment next thing (Score 0) 64

Next thing ya know, they are going to 'invent' a 'processor' that is free of mass, tethered to electricity or energy....

And they're going to call it Skynet.

Why, because OHH that's NEVER been done before...

Cmon. How long's this cycle gonna continue, guys? We've been down this road before.

We're all Source Code, WE GET IT ALREADY!

Comment Re:Typical Intel (Score 0) 1009

Are you sure it's not to control information they are uncomfortable with?

Maximizing profit one would simply release all information, and sell services to manage the education process..

This is pride and a deep sense of disrespect for other perspectives that don't align with their own...

As for Booth.. I just learned something... I didnt know he was an actor....

Kinda makes me think of Nixon, you know when he does the 'air quotes' on television and says he's not a crook? Why would anyone do airquotes of themselves so self mockingly?

And Reagan as an actor... And Schwarzenegger...

How many of these events are merely 'acts'? Talking heads on tv?

What's your take on Booth?

Comment Re:Hacking fun (Score 0) 79

Two ways to do it:

1) If you control Physics and the speed of light, which is merely an 'object' designed in a virtual environment that has an associated speed constant, then there's one method to 'crack it', you simply pick up the data content as it's being transmitted, and 'toggle' your flags accordingly to make everyone think it wasn't read.

2) If you use magnetism in a physical world, and dont have direct access to the universal constants, then who's to say you can't make a carbon copy of the entangled atom, quantum theory supports this, then you can still BEND it out of the way, and easily perform a man in the middle attack. Remember, a photon is contained in energy, which basically says if you have access to the energy around it, then you're naive to believe one couldnt simply exhange, read, break and resubmit...

Entanglement being better at encryption? Sorry dude, if you have access to the energy in electric form, and the information tagged to the photon (it is a wavelength after all), then light serves as a vulnerability, not a security measure.

Go smoke your crack pipe, apparently you need a bit more to figure this shit out.

Comment Re:So, whatzit smell like? (Score -1) 82

Seriously, are they just now getting to understand that digital television and white noise is not information?

And that information itself has a form that can be sensed using olfactory glands that have been programmed to receive that information?

And that sniffing cocaine or Bath Salts is the quickest way to 'soak in' the information from alternate realities that the white noise comes from?

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