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Comment Re:Model rights (Score 1) 313

The intended use of an image makes a big difference. An Instagram user could make the case that their image was free of legal issues when posted for personal use but not when the image was used in some multinational's worldwide advertising campaign. Model releases don't play a role in images for personal use. (Not that I'd put any of my own images on Facebook or Instagram.)

Comment Re:Its becoming clear (Score 2) 306

The mean a defensive war waged against muslims by christians? Palastine was settled by christians and muslims came and took it over (ie, the muslims invaded).

Seriously? The Muslim conquest was over three hundred years before the Crusades. And any military activity involving an invading army which is fought entirely outside of the countries where the invading armies came from is *clearly* defensive.

Comment Re:Flawed assumptions. (Score 5, Interesting) 686

Dyson assumed that all alien civilizations are stupid enough to believe in infinite growth, much like humanity.

I don't believe this. I think the most advanced aliens have probably realized that there isn't much point of growth after a certain threshold.

But where is that threshold? Is it before or after they build a Dyson sphere?

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