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Comment Survival (Score 5, Insightful) 565

For Microsoft, this isn't so much as a betrayal, as it is survival. Microsoft has spend decades relying upon third-parties innovating hardware in order to sell Windows Licenses. And, especially of late, those third-parties have failed. With the mobile market taking off and those third parties having mediocre mobile hardware AT BEST, Microsoft has no choice than to make a product. Maybe, it will diminish into a mere reference design, but only if those third parties actually get to serious work. This should be a wake up call for HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc., to "innovate or die." Of course, if Microsoft has signed agreements saying they'd never create a competing device, it IS downright betrayal.

Comment Re:Make sense (Score 5, Insightful) 530

Maybe this goes towards what you mean about advertising, but Microsoft let everyone else control the conversation about Zune.. Letting it be the butt of everyone's jokes.. At it's prime - it had THE BEST online service: curated rotating themed playlists, "School" for people who wanted to learn more about a specific genre, complete with different "guest professors", and a "Smart DJ" system before Apples.. What good is a product, with awesome features, if not a damn person knows about it, or has the completely wrong idea about it?

Comment Re:Make sense (Score 1) 530

Like it or not - Android was also a "me-too" product that was playing catch-up to Apple. And now Android has larger marketshare on mobile phones than Apple. And, counting the Kindle Fire, Android is a respected competitor to iOS on the tablet front (30%-ish marketshare isn't bad at all). Microsoft would do well to play "catch-up" and gain marketshare, instead of giving it up.

Comment Re:Zune or Xbox? (Score 1) 712

Cheers - After years of being read-only, I actually went and got my first UID just to respond to this. I have to take issue with your "crappy advertising campaign" regarding xbox. Xbox had some awesome advertising campaigns when it released.. Specifically the 360. Standoff - Jump In - (If you're just talking about the original, then I agree - I can't remember anything ads from that) The key to them being successful with this is marketing, marketing, marketing. They've made a solid play with this announcement: there is positive media buzz and down-right optimism. But if they don't keep repeating the message, they're done. Case in point: I work downtown in a major US city. I can't go two blocks without seeing at least two iPad ads (be it on building sides, bus stops, etc). If Microsoft can't push Surface just as hard, barely anyone will remember the device when it's FINALLY available for purchase.

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