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Comment Shirts with logos might not be so bad.... (Score 2, Interesting) 837

I work at helpdesk for a smallish technical college. We have about 15-20 total in the IT office and our CIO buys us these nice dress shirts with the college logo and "Information Technology" above the pocket. His dress code for us is no jeans and look professional. We can choose to wear a tie or even our own shirts. But we also regularly get comments from other people about how nice our shirts look and how professional it makes our office look when we show up to a meeting in similar styled dress shirts. On days when there's a lot of dirty work involved we can come in with what's appropriate but overall I think the shirts add to the job instead of being an annoyance.

Comment Re:Very Useful Software (Score 1) 166

We're also very happy with it. I have a RAIS array of two servers each with RAID1. So our Postgres database is configured on a quadruple-backup setup thus:

Postgres /var/lib/postgresql /dev/drbd1
primary server --- secondary server
raid 1 raid 1
2 x X25-E SSD 2 x X25-E SSD

The servers are connected back to back by a direct gigabit ethernet link, and we use DRBD in protocol B (memory synchronous).
Thus all transactions are guaranteed to hit the disk, we get fast performance, and excellent reliability.
Cutover from one machine to the other is really easy, and takes 2 minutes. The docs for DRBD are also very good.

There are 2 things to note:
  * Write bandwidth this way is about half what it could be with a single server.
  * Avoid the risk of "split-brain" at all costs. For us, this means a manual failover process: dataloss is very bad, but a few minutes of downtime is acceptable.

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