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Submission + - VLC running Kickstarter campaign to fund native Windows 8 app (

aaron44126 writes: Some VLC developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of a native port of VLC as a Windows 8 app. The goal is to create an app with a UI that fits into the rest of the Windows 8 ecosystem that supports the playback of all of the types of files that VLC already supports. Playback of optical media (DVD/VCD/BD) is also on the list. They hope to use as much existing code as possible while doing whatever necessary to get VLC running in the "metro" environment and meet Microsoft's requirements for distribution through the Windows Store. Porting to ARM so that it can run on Windows RT devices will happen after the Windows 8 app is complete. The campaign has actually been going on for almost two weeks but they published their first update today, in which they announced their intent to produce a Windows Phone 8 port as well.

Comment Re:who cares? (Score 2) 266

We've all moved to LibreOffice, but I still know a number of people who use or are interested in using OpenOffice, just because that name has been around long enough. If you don't follow sites like this, you might not know that LibreOffice exists. When I mention that they should look at LibreOffice instead, they say "Huh?"

OpenOffice development was somewhat stalled for a while after the LibreOffice fork happened. If development is going to continue, I hope they pick up the improvements from LibreOffice so that everyone can benefit.

Comment Google Apps (Score 1) 204

I see that you mentioned Google Docs, but have you looked at Google Apps for Business (runs on a domain of your choice)? There's a free version for up to 10 accounts. Otherwise, I think it is $50 per user per year.

It supports calendar sharing and company-wide contact sharing (from the web UI anyway). Though I think that the global contact list might be missing from the free version.

Comment What about SSL traffic? (Score 1) 338

This is for a home / family network?

Has Facebook turned on SSL by default yet? I know that Twitter has, and Facebook has the option, not sure if they've thrown it on by default yet?

In any case, if they haven't, I imagine that it is coming, and then sniffing out contents of messages will not be so simple. You'd have to install a man-in-the-middle service with a fake SSL certificate and install said fake certificate as trusted on all of the client machines. (Good luck doing that on the iPhone.) And that's just to be able to see them in clear text. If you're trying to scrape them out, you're going to be constantly fighting with Facebook every time they change up their interface. Are you going to be tasked with updating this every time a new social service or game comes along?

It seems like the better approach may be to just have them learn some basic Internet safety.

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