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Comment Re:Reminds me of Project Gaydar (Score 1) 196

This happened to me, but I found out that I had messed up my profile questions. FUNNY. If you check that you are interested in people of your own sex, facebook does the math, and targets advertisements likely to be interesting to what they presume is your sexual orientation. I know where to go to buy a gay cruise, for instance.

Comment So I screwed up my profile and initially... (Score 2, Interesting) 196

Said I was interested in men rather than that I was a man. So I got some really really gay targeted ads. Gay dating services, special razors to shave with, all very fun. Try it and see.
The real issue is that the current terms of service allows yhem to share your groups and interests, which likely can identify you as being close to the GLBC.


Comment Re:The IPv6 Working Group is the real root cause. (Score 1) 270

Netbui has been quietly labeled netbios over tcp. And microsoft cheats like a motherfucker because the active directory DNS requests are broken. So if you bother to sniff what your network is doing, you will see the dirty laundry of netbios over tcp filling in the gap.

Throw in a dual stack DNS server infrastructure and it will not get better.

I will ignore how they do things like random port udp packets for new mail messages, that will be fun with both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses to send the crap to.

And if you are on the ipv6 standards board, I appologize for insinuating that you are a stupid fucker. Otherwise stfu you stupid mcse fucker.

Comment Re:The IPv6 Working Group is the real root cause. (Score 1) 270

Obviously you need to deep changes to the ip stack to make interaction work, but at a host level you just send your packet to the 128 bit address to your default route. Somewhere there are routers padding the 32 bit addresses with zeroes, but this is a tiny, tiny change compared to the ridiculous amount of proxying we will need to do with ipv6. There is the slowdown.

Comment Re:IPV6 is the problem. (Score 1) 309

They deliberately chose to make ipv4 and ipv6 incompatible. Again, emphasized. They could have increased the address space and allowed vendors to tweak the ip stack to recognize both types of addressses. Routers could have an interface running ipv6 and an interface running ipv4 and pad the ipv4 destination with zeros to allow transit on ipv6 networks.

Instead they fixed a lot of problems that weren't problems. And because it was seen as a solution we pissed away 10 years where we could have slowly migrated.

Comment Re:IPV6 is the problem. (Score 1) 309

AMEN. The fucking forum is the the bastards who caused this mess. Yes CAUSED. People assume that ipv6 was a valid solution to the problem and went about their business. Anyone charged with implementing it outside of a lab or their basement quickly realized what a clusterfuck it was. The requirement , yes the REQUIREMENT of running dual stacks has made safe deployment of ipv6 impossible.

IPv4 was a test protocol that progressed organically until vendors were forced to adopt it or lose customers. Problems were fixed by smart working engineers suggesting drafts and working with vendors.

IPv6 was created by a bunch of jackasses. Someone should have produced an internet draft where a modified ipv4 with larger IP space and ipv4 devices could communicate with each other. An ipv4 device getting a new style address in answer to a dns request would be able to route to it using ipv4.

The ipv6 spec stated that NAT between ipv6 and ipv4 was PROHIBITED. So we are going to need dualstack proxies until every last ipv4 only device is gone.

ipv4 v6 DNS is a joke. So every content provider will need dual implementations of thier servers. DNS errors will cause mystery outages that customers blame on the content providers. GRRR.

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