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Submission + - No electric bill in a year!

budgenator writes: Researchers at UNLV's Center for Energy Research Have a low/zero energy house built in the Los Vegas Area that not only doesn't have a bill for electricity used for the year, it has four months worth of credit!
Right now, Nevada Power technically owes UNLV for power it generated for the year, but while the utility acknowledges the credit, Boehm said there will be no refund check in the mail. "But they will bring it (the power bill) down to zero, except for the $6 a month access fee" for using the utility's grid
The house is a test bed for energy conservation and is highly monitored and compared to a near identical but conventional house. Researchers hope to identify the most cost-effective techniques and be able to build low/zero energy home for only 10% more than convention structures. The experiment has finished phase one with limited occupancy and is planned to be treated more like a real home in phase 2. The home used 58% less energy than the baseline home which had $200.00 a month electric bills.

Submission + - Chinese 4GB memory scam

Wight Knight writes: "Mini-iPod-clone MP3 players are selling like hot cakes on eBay, advertised falsely as containing 4GB memory when they really contain only 1Gig. See Player-Scam-On-eBay-FAQ_W0QQugidZ10000000002547758 Literally thousands of people are getting caught worldwide. What can be done to force eBay (and other sites) to close down such deliberate deception?"

Submission + - Jet-Man flies with only a wing and his limbs

mnmlst writes: "At you can see a Swiss pilot who straps a wing and a parachute to his back, jumps out of a plane like a skydiver, then lights up his four little jet engines. He can fly this way for miles, slowly gliding to Earth after the jets run out of kerosene. The final landing is performed with a parachute. There are no ailerons, rudders, flaps, or elevators, just his arms and legs for steering in-flight. Pretty cool."

Submission + - Future Anti-Infantry Weapon

Dr. DREAD writes: "Imagine a gun with no recoil, no sound, no heat, no gunpowder, no visible firing signature (muzzle flash), and no stoppages or jams of any kind."
A prototype of the DREAD weapon system promises to deliver all this and more.
Up to 120,000 rounds per minute, speeds of 8,000 feet per second, using .38 or .50 caliber projectiles, with a 360 degree range of attack.
(The DREAD weapon system is a centrifuge weapon. The basic idea is the weapon will use centripetal force to fling the projectiles out of the barrel.)

Submission + - DoD bans Outlook-on-the-Web and HTML email

oDDmON oUT writes: ""The Defense Department has banned the use of Outlook Web Access email and is blocking all HTML email, as it raises network security conditions from the normal Information Condition (Infocon) 5 to Infocon 4, indicating heightened vigilance in preparation for operations or exercises or increased monitoring of networks due to increased risk of attack, Federal Computer Week reports."

Authorities concede that "the ban "will significantly impact the way we presently conduct business,"" ZDNet

We're one step closer to killing Incredimail."

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