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Comment Re:I don't care (Score 1) 695

golf clap

I agree whole heartily. We should focus on efficiency and not spewing things into the air you wouldn't feed yourself if you can avoid it.

I'm all for responsible nuclear power, one could argue that the problems we have with nuclear power now are because of our fear of it instead of healthy respect. Nuclear energy is the greenest form of energy we can mass produce right now.

But we're scared of it, and won't.

Comment Re:It just proves analyst are complete idiots (Score 1, Insightful) 189

I'm not trying to spin anything, I'm just saying that they never claimed to do that to begin with. Now, if you used the iCloud APIs and wrote an app that did, it'd work just fine. I haven't tested it extensively as I do not carry a lot of PDFs on my iPad, but the backup put the few that I had back into my iBooks when I restored, though I'm not sure if they 'restored' or were 're-syncd' as when you restore the iDevice it restores settings but apps & content are typically re-synced in my experience so far.

Comment It just proves analyst are complete idiots (Score 5, Insightful) 189

Never in any presentation did apple commit to any of those features.

It's a personal sync service, backup service.

That's it. It's storage somewhere, it's a sync service for your photographs between devices, and in a bit it'll be a music service for yourself.

Never did they say they'd let you directly access it like DropBox. Nothing would stop someone from making a PDF reader that saved and wrote to the iCloud but this last round of Apple products & software updates has created this bizarre 'oh they're doing THIS' line of crap from these analysts and they make up some of the craziest crap.

Comment Not a Troll, A Serious Question (Score -1, Troll) 248

I'm not trolling here, I seriously am not. I'm a guy who likes to make $$, and if I come up with something fancy, some idiot doing the same thing who didn't have the idea until I did does it too, and sells for less than me why should I come up with ideas again?

There's your basic patent argument.

Now, I will happily concede that there are many ideas that are 'well no shit' and not worthy of a patent, however, the iPhone was not a 'no shit really?' idea if you look at phones in 2006.

Sure, there was Palm, and there was Windows. The first was an organizer + Phone and the second was a windows computer shrunk into a phone shaped device.

There was the Blackberry, and while my google fu skills are week there was the rumored 'google phone' that the early units looked remarkably like blackberry/treo 650 of the time.

Then Steve Jobs and Co came by and tossed the grenade that is iPhone onto the market. Google suddenly went quiet, and 9 or so months later came out with this Android thing. It looked a lot like iPhone, you're a lying.

Should Google have to pay apple for their neat idea? Sorry but say hell yes. Before that, I'd have argued they owed Palm, BB and Windows guys some kind of fee and apparently the courts agree with the Windows side of things.

Now. Should Google have to pay Apple for the next 75 years? hell no. That's the kind of reform we should be fighting for. Ideas should have some kind of time line when you can be exclusive if you want, or sell to others to use if you want. After that, screw it. Not all ideas are groundbreaking to deserve huge benefits of time either. like say, oh, updating your computer over the internet kind of patents. There has to be a middle ground.

Who am I kidding. There is no middle ground, burn everyone

Comment Could Someone Explain to me... (Score 5, Insightful) 591

....why I don't want a URL bar? How the hell am I supposed to type in the places I want to go. What are they thinking? I don't get it. I also tend not to change my habits. Is typing in URLs passe now? Am I supposed to rely on my browser to take me where I want to go? What's the deal?

Not trolling here. I'm serious, I don't get this 'feature' at all. I open a blank page and search on google and hope my search term works the next time?

Comment There is no 'holy cow' factor going from DVD to BD (Score 1) 1162

When you went from VHS to DVD it was an order of magnitude change. It was exciting, Digital Surround, all these new things were thrown at you. The discs didn't wear out and get tracking issues like the tapes did. All sorts of nice things.

BluRay is 1080p. Unless you have some ridiculously large (bigger than 60") the average person is going to be hard pressed to figure out what is different between BD and DVD.

Mine was easy, I like games. I got a PS3, a bonus was it had a BD player in it. So I started netflixing my BDs.

Do I buy them? Rarely. They need to be a BD+DVD+Digital copy version or I'm not wasting my money, and that has to be under $30. DVD/BD get scratched by small children stuffing them into a computer and/or player. I didn't realize that at first and lost a few kids movies that way. having to re-pay for content I'm told I don't really 'own' anyway just pisses me off. Which is why i stopped buying discs. I went from a >700 disc collection to maybe 30 movies total. I got tired of being told I was a thief when I stuck a disk in and not being able to skip those things. Annoys the shit out of me.

my silent protest was to only rent content, or catch it on pay network channels. 'owning' DVDs no longer has any interest except rare things like classic Sci-Fi Television shows that I can watch over and over.

Comment Re:Two Words (Score 1) 1073

how is Injun a racial slur? To me it's always more read as someone with an accent pronouncing it wrong. Was calling people an Injun instead of an Indian as bad as not referring to people niggers as african americans?

Serious question really, to me there are different levels of hatred between those two words. 'slave' isn't the right one either for Injun.

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