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Comment Re:Dinosaurs (Score 1) 326

I have a Swedish and an Australian SIM card. Each of which cost less than US$ 10 and included a bunch of minutes and free or nearly-free (international!) texting and cheap and easy-to-get refills. Both of which "just work" every place I've tried to use them.

Except one. The US... where they want 10 times that much just for the SIM and they can't even guarantee that it'll work in both Florida and New Jersey!

When I went to Sweden, I found the first news paper stand I could find, bought a SIM card for US$10 and got US$15 in credit. Yes, they gave me 5 dollars more in credit. And the best part, my pre-pay Swedish SIM card worked Internationally, I tested in Japan and the US. The refill process is simple as getting a code printed receipt from a number of places, you text the code and you get refill confirmation. All your minutes are valid for a year upon refilling, including your previous minutes, even with the cheapest refill amount. They even offer campaigns such as free internet days, 3000 international SMSes if you refill with $25, and etc.

US carriers such as T-Mobile, offer Prepay, but the damn SIM only works in the US, will not register internationally, require a purchase of the SIM at double what I paid in Europe without credit on it, and expires in mere months.


Submission + - Alltunes.com lets users download AllofMP3 songs (computerworld.com.au)

Stony Stevenson writes: Although the controversial online music store AllofMP3.com was officially shutdown by the Russian Government this week for infringing copyright laws, customers from the site who have existing credit can still purchase songs through its downloadable windows desktop and smartphone client, allTunes.com.

From the article: "A former AllofMP3.com user, who spoke to Computerworld on the condition of anonymity, purchased songs with his existing credit from the allTunes software client today and experienced no trouble doing so."

AllofMP3's six million users will no doubt be delighted they can use their leftover credit to purchase songs, but the site's longevity hangs in the balance. Just days after the Russian Government shut down AllofMP3.com, its sister site, MP3Sparks.com, suffered the same fate.


Submission + - Bill Gates No Longer Richest Man 1

Edis Krad writes: According to this article, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world. His place has allegedly been taken by Mexican Businessman Carlos Slim. From the article:

A Reuters report, citing analysis in the online financial publication Sentido Comun, says Bill Gates is no longer the richest person in the world. His wealth was surpassed by that of Mexican magnate Carlos Slim after shares in one of Slim's biggest holdings increased 27 percent in the second quarter.
While the change is due to Slim's gains (not Microsoft losses), could this be a sign of Microsoft's lack of ability to keep up with business?

Submission + - Bill Gates (Finally) Deposed as World's Richest (bbc.co.uk)

Jamie writes: "Mexico's telecom tycoon Carlos Slim has overtaken Bill Gates to become the world's richest person. Mr. Slim is now worth $67.8bn (£33.6bn), above Microsoft founder Mr Gates' $59.2bn, Sentido Comun says. It said Mr. Slim's wealth has rocketed into top place after the recent 27% surge in the share price of his largest company, America Movil. He has a 33% stake in the firm, Latin America's largest mobile phone network."

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