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Comment A bit late to the party? (Score 5, Informative) 84

Spaceweather.com is reporting this as subsiding....

SUBSIDING STORM: A severe geomagnetic storm (Kp=7-8) that began yesterday when a CME hit Earth's magnetic field is subsiding. At the peak of the disturbance, auroras were sighted around both poles and in more than five US states including Michigan, New York, South Dakota, Maine, and Minnesota:

Comment Re:Substation? (Score 1) 572

I think the real problem with any of the ideas to move it deeper into space (all of which I'm in favor of, mind you, as I think an orbital station around the Moon, Mars, or Europa would be AWESOME) has to do with radiation shielding and micro-meteoroids.

Similar to the shuttle, which is limited as to how high it can orbit, the ISS would be similarly limited due to radiation and micro-meteoroids. It does not have sufficient shielding from either of these to be placed outside of low earth orbit. Maybe additional shielding could be added, but that would just increase the mass which increased the inertia which increases the energy required to move it out of LEO or one of those other AWESOME locations...

Comment "Forced" upgrade because my TV died (Score 1) 1162

I was just fine with my DVD recorder (yes, recorder). But then my lovely 17" Samsung CRT TV died and I needed a new one. Only option was to get a larger "flat screen" LCD HD TV. That and the lack of connections on the back forced me into a new player, so I opted for an upconverting blue-ray with web aps. I mainly wanted the upconverting and the web apps for Netflix Instant Watch.

Otherwise, I would not have bothered with a blu-ray. DVD works just fine, even on upconverting.

Comment Re:Borgification (Score 2) 748

No, you will continued to be serviced by t-mobile folks locked away in some far corner of customerservicelandia.

I used to be an AT&T Wireless customer who was then gobbled up by Cingular who was then gobbled up by AT&T. I was still, however on my old AT&T Wireless account/plan. Every time I would call and talk to someone, they would eventually stop and "Oh, sorry, you're one of those old AT&T Wireless customers. I need to transfer you. And yeah, you're right, I can't offer you a better plan." I'd then be transferred to someone who, oddly, was actually helpful.

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